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A Tournament Day With The CPA
By Mark "Ransac: Wanich
Now, I know that tournament reports are really, really, REALLY boring. And I know that I said I never read them. I still don't. BUT, I found this too good to pass up. Earlier today, I went to a tournament, and a total of 5 CPA members, including me, participated. I actually played two of them. Here's how the CPA on CPA matches went.

Ransac vs Sole Specter

Now, seeing as that we were already friends, AND a part of the magic team: Team Loser and a Monkey, we decided that the match should be a draw.

Game 1:Basically, I got out good cards fast, like blazing specter, pyre zombie, c. idol, I just beat him.

Game 2: Quite the opposite of game 1. He had a similar deck and he got the pyre zombies and chilling apparitions out fast. He just beat me.

Game 3: For about twenty minutes, we stacked up land, creatures, and artifacts until the time was up. Then, Sole Specter winked at me, and earthquaked for 17, killing us both.

Match ends in a draw.

Theorgg vs RaMsac

Game 1:Yes, my brother was one of the five. Both players having really bad luck that day, they took from me and Sole Specter and decided to draw the match. I have no specific details, yet I know that the match was over in less than ten minutes.

Quick note: RaMsac, appealing to his CPA persona, caused the most headaches for the judge at the tournament.

MrPestilence vs Ransac

After conversing a good portion of the day about our antics on the CPA, we were surprised on having been paired in the final round. He played a Black/White deck that has surprisingly a BIG struggle, seeing as all MY attempts at a black/white deck ended in HUGE disaster. I was playing, as pointed out in the first match review, a black/red discard/recursion deck.

Game 1: I got to go first and played a seal of fire. It was then used up by a devout witness. On third turn, I played a Blazing Specter, only to have it massacred the next turn. After a Mageta hits the table, the game ends in MrPestilence basically stomping me.

Game 2:Having recovered from my first game loss, I got to go first again. S.O.Fire hits the table first turn again and I get Blazing Specter out 2nd turn. After a while, a c. idol and a pyre zombie, along with some shivan zombies, hit the table and it was lights out for MrPestilence.

Game 3:Sweat is dripping down my brow. My hands are shaking. The crowd was on the edges of their seats. Actually, no, but it was a close game 'til the end. I again got S.O.Fire out my first turn and Blazing Specter out Second turn. He gets out some c.idols of his own, and afterlifes my blazing specter. after being on the bad end of a beating, I drew my savior in the form of a Skizzik. After playing it and paying kicker, his idol was left to block. I was reluctant going into my next turn, until I drew the big daddy, my FOIL Skizzik, which I didn't pay kicker. After some quick math, we both smile and realize that the match was mine.

Now, none of us got top four. But, the best part happened after the tournament was over for us. Theorgg suggests a chaos game with some casual decks that he built. After rolling for decks, MrPestilence got the Wallace deck(floodgate and phasing), Theorgg got the Mirror, Mirror deck (draw out then switch decks with someone). I picked up the deck I randomly selected and I got dwarves. DWARVES!!!!!! I was at the lowest of the food chain. Mr.P. started out with board advantage, with the exception that there were only walls in the deck. Theorgg had card advantage, which is the point of the deck. I got a first turn Dwarven Pony. That's right: a 1/1 red creature that gives mountain walk to dwarves. I really was in for it. Mr.P. got the first attack by drawing a thalakos seer and hit me for one. Theorgg had the Mirror, Mirror in play and was steadily drawing himself out. I had five dwarves on the table(*sob*). For a long while, everybody just built up defense, except for Theorgg, who kept drawing cards. After, a long look at my cards, I almost had a heart attack. I had 9 creatures on the table. Two Dwarven Traders(make a creature with power 2 or less unblockable until end of turn), two Dwarven Nomads (different art, same thing) and a bunch of weenies. After surveying the board, I realized I should attack. I started pecking at Mr.P. and Theorgg kept drawing cards. Finally, when there were 2 card left in the library, Theorgg used his ashnod's altar to removes everything in his graveyard and used Mirror, Mirror on Mr.P. For all of you that don't know Unglued, Mirror, Mirror swaps decks, life total, cards in hand, cards in play, and graveyards with another player. This leaves Mr.P. with utter crap and Theorgg with a barricade of walls. Then, I cast a dwarven....something(it gave a dwarf +1/+0 for each 1R you pumped into it). With a barrage for unblockable weenies, the game was mine.

All together, it was a fun Saturday. And, I now have a new thing to gloat about:

I won a game that started with me playing a dwarven pony on the first turn. BOO-YAH!!!!!

Ransac, cpa trash man

P.S. For all of you who find my article uninformative and unentertaining, this article isn't for you.

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