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Breaking the mold
By Keith Ouellette
Breaking the mold

Hello to the M:tg community!

I decided to write about the current T2 environment. Many think it is stale and obviously the current tier 1 archetypes have clearly been established. Furthermore at the Pro level there is no desire to even discuss T2 due to the lack of prominent events. I am putting this forth as an inspiration to deckbuilders and local game shop tourney-goers and especially the growing and innovative online magic playing community. I urge you to innovate and create.

Hundreds of decks can be built with the card pool at hand, this deck has been designed to play well vs the mainstream current T2 decks. I hope that this article will help new players to see that deckbuilding is as much about the best cards as it is about the best anti-cards.

I titled this "Breaking the mold" for a few reasons, first off it utilizes non-allied colors...I have probably lost many of you with that last comment, if not at the first paragraph. Despite the Port and the possibilty of Fires wrecking you before you can say "Concordant Crossroads was crap" I still feel the environment is slowed to the point that you can develop your mana base and break the mold on the established color alliances.

Well I'll just list it here then discuss card choices and strategy.

Disco Inferno![where's the Inferno???-Orgg]

4 Blinding Angel
4 Wrath of God
2 Seal of Cleansing
2 Disenchant
3 Armageddon

4 Seal of fire
4 Ghitu Fire
2 Earthquake

4 Dancing Scimitar
4 Marble Diamond
2 Fire Diamond

4 Rishadan Port
11 Plains
10 Mountain

I believe that a player must fit his deck to his playstyle like a glove. I have enjoyed control decks as it seems to fit my nature as a player. This deck is Reactive Control and the idea is to be very patient, make your plays carefully and make the most of your cards. If that fits your playstyle read further, if it doesn't read further anyways and learn how to beat the crap out of us.

From the top

The Blinding Angel is just amazing. 'nuff said.

Wrath of God. Seems like a solid card.

Disenchant/Seal 'O clean. I think they both have strengths and its good to let your opponent think you run 8 maindeck enchant/artifact removal. I won't bother naming all the targets that these have.

Armageddon. Hammer of Bogarden, Rebels, and any deck with high end creatures are wrecked by a well timed geddon. Just wrath away the bad guys first or ride the Angel to victory while they are in "Top Deck" mode.

Seal of fire. Maybe this should be Scorching Lava. I like the speed of it vs birds, elves, rebels, and Skies. It also works well in blocking schemes with the decks creatures. I am not particularly afraid of Nether-go or River boas to merit Scorch but I could be wrong. Besides, I had to squeeze a few 1 drops in or lose my subscription to "Mana-Curve Monthly".

Ghitu fire. Burn the little guys early or a great finisher.

Quake. good stuff vs rebels etc.

Dancing Scimitar!! yes the decks "Tech" Mambo Machete, Salsa Saber, Disco Dagger, Rug cuttin' Cutlass, and any other name to describe this smooth movin' always groovin' flyer. The Dancing Scimitar may or may not be my stroke of genius. The way it seems to me Washout and all of Skies dudes can't touch it. Despite its dull edge on attack, Fat butts drive me nuts!

6 mana Ice.[Ice? you mean "Diamonds"-Orgg] The answer to Ports and a way to develop into your rather high curve. The more I tested with 'em the more I liked 'em. I figure 6 is very solid.

21 mana lands plus 4 Ports of course. Keep a port in your hand for post 'geddon lockdown if you can.

Total 60 cards.

Now to rip it apart and save you the trouble.

31 mana producers leaves less than half the deck to find cards that will win a game.

No search, Manipulation or card drawing at all.

Effective cards cost a lot of mana. No tempo.

Reactive control is prone to being "outplayed" by crafty opponents.

Slow win condition allows opponent to "come back in the 4th quarter".

I left the SB out of this discussion entirely as sideboarding with mad skills is the true measure of a pro. It will make you or break you over the course of a tourney. Sideboarding in general deserves a more skilled analysis than I could ever provide for you. Let's leave that to someone else.

I already have about 6 cards I want to try out and work into this deck. The idea of this article isn't to present the best deck, but to generate the best deck for you, your playstyle, and your enjoyment. That's what Magic was always intended to be.

Have fun everyone and take care!

Keith Ouellette
KeithO on irc

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