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Return of Rath
By Mark "Ransac" Wanich
Time Warp, Cursed Scroll, Shard Phoenix, Pandemonium, Slivers, Spikes, Cool Walls, Licids, Coat of Arms, Null Brooch, etc., etc., etc., etc.

What can I say? 7th edition is coming. I have been playing Magic since Arabian Nights, but I started tournament playing when Tempest came out. God, how much fun it was to play Sligh. But then, Mercadian Masques arrived. No more Sliver Queen. No more Mox Diamond. No more Sarcomancy. And no more Cataclysm. With these cards, I first beat tournament players. I was heartbroken. Since then, I have had my butt handed to me via rebels, rhystic spells, and overwhelming squirrels. PLEASE COME BACK, MY RATH FRIENDS!!!!!

...7th edition. How I anticipate its entry to the environment. Oh, we all have seen the commercial with the Goblin throwing the kid through the desk and how all of our little brothers yelled out, "That's Giant Growth! It must be in 7th!! YIPPIE!!!". While most of us were less than excited for Giant Growth, we all then realized that 7th was around the corner, and with it, the return of Tempest, Stonghold, Exodus, and possibly some Urza's commons (we all remember that Horned Turtle, a tempest common, was in 6th).

Of course, all of our favorites won't return. Shadow creatures, containing a block mechanic are "barred from ringside". Maybe this will work on En-Kors as well, but I doubt that. The return of Mox Diamond is hopeful, seeing that it was a given to see in tournament decks, yet not quite powerful enough to be in EVERY deck. I'm hoping that Shard Phoenix (anti-weenie bird) makes a triumphant return; oh, how much better my red deck will be.

Well, enough salivating. Let's just sit back and wait until spring, when 7th will undoubtedly lighten our faces with joy.

Mark "Ransac" Wanich

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