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Another simple variant
By Michael Groves
Well, I read last week's article on Speed Magic, and thought i'd pitch in an idea that came about in my gaming group. My friend invariably forgets to bring in a deck to school, and normally has to borrow someones. However, one day him and another friend both used the same deck, and played against each other, and thus found a really cool way of playing! The deck they played was ChannelBall, with Fork also in the deck, and the games i witnessed were awesome. I have played using my Wrath/Geddon deck too, and the outcomes are hilarious, particulalrly when we had a 3-player game with it! There are some rules to this format. Each player draws from the same library, and shares a graveyard. When the library runs out, which usually happens, the graveyard is shuffled, and made the library, and thus games can go on for some time! Thats pretty much it for this format, though it can be easily varied. We have also tried a kinda football team picking variant, where the cards are laid out on the table and both players choose a card each until all cards are chosen. This works quite well too. Anyway - Enjoy

Michael Groves

(ps see you all at planeshift london!)

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