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Multiplayer Magic
By James Strawson
The other day I was bored, and me and two other players were having an all-on-all game, when someone played a card that really shut down my deck. I had a quick look through my album and found a card, that could have been in my deck, that would have rescued me. So, when no one was looking I shoved it in my hand. The problem was that I play my WW far too much, and my friends knew that the card wasn't in the deck.

However I persuaded them to test a game, where you can sacrifice a nonland permanent to put any card from your collection into your hand. To add versatility, basic lands can tap for any colour of mana. It worked very well, and we got a crazy game going. My WW works well with Avatar of Green :-). The only problem was when someone played Rancor 5 times in one turn.

So I introduced a new rule: you may only sacrifice the same card once a turn. It still made it powerful, but not amazing.

Since then I have had many fun games. Someone plays a big creature? Terror it. But then they might counter it. It gets so complicated, but is great fun.

ps. use sleeves for your deck, but not for the rest, becuase that way you can tell the difference.

pps. This was the first bit of writing I have ever done.

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