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For Love of Blog and Allosaur
By Eric Turgeon
So it's Friday night and we've somehow managed to allow two consecutive Comboist Manifestos get posted in a row. This treachery will not stand. So, since the other three regular members of the CPA seem to have no will to contribute to the face of this site, I once again pick up the torch and find myself typing an "article" in the submission field on this site having no idea what I plan to talk about.

Which brings me to my next point (wait, there was a first?). It's difficult for me to fill in these boxes in order since I can't rightly place an article title without knowing what the article is going to be about. (Well, I can, but that only really works once.) So before I started writing this bit right here, I pondered what to call it first. And, I can't remember now, but for some reason I entered the letter "i" and the auto-fill on my computer came back with "I smell ****". (The stars were there, not whatever the word might have been and that hasn't been edited through this site, otherwise it would say "oink" instead.) Now, some people (and by some people, I mean me) might remember me writing an article subtitled "I smell poop" but that was a long time ago and on a different computer in a different browser (I think) and poop certainly isn't a word that requires asterixes (asterii? asterae? asterises? what the heck is the plural of asterix? oh. even asterix is coming up as misspelled in my browser. I'm sure the editor of this fine site will fix that to whatever it's supposed to be.)

So where was I? Yeah, I have no idea why auto fill would remember something I typed into a field marked "Article Title" and come back with "I smell ****". So I decided to try other letters and see what came back.
h: How meta
t: The Counter-Column: Making it Up a Notch (this makes sense, btw)

And that's it. Oh wait. I just figured it out. "I smell ****" and "How meta" were both titles of replies I made to other articles. So I guess they're all considered titles of sorts. That makes sense. Mystery solved.

Anyway, since I wrote my last "article" I was thinking about whether or not it's really an article. I mean, I'm just sitting here on my computer typing whatever comes to my head, which usually has something to do with the subject of typing an article here as it comes into my head since that's what's in my head when I'm typing the article. Yeah. But is that really an article? Or is it a... blog...?

Egads, I've inadvertently turned into a blogger. This is very distressing. And the CPA front page has inadvertently turned into my own (and some other guy's) personal blog. So that's pretty sad for the state of things around here.

By the way, you can read my last blog entry by clicking here.

But you can't get back once you go there. So I feel bad for whoever clicked that link. They'll never find out the point of this thing, assuming it has one.

And it does. I've been typing (and occasionally thinking) for a good 20 minutes now, which means it's time to talk about Magic. The Gathering, that is. Not the other kind.

You know a card that's really awesome and totally under-appreciated? Pygmy Allosaurus.

Oh yeah.

I don't know if anyone's ever pointed this out before but it's a f***ing DINOSAUR! A real f***ing dinosaur. In Magic. It's not a made-up half-axed fake Magic dinosaur like Imperiosaurus or Dromosaur or one of the variety of Raptors trying to ride the coattails of Jurassic Park. It's an allosaurus, perhaps the most under-appreciated dinosaur in history, always playing second fiddle to the more popular tyrannosaurus.

I'd also like to point out that it's a dinosaur and it's surviving in an ice age. I don't know a lot of dinosaurs which managed that. Which further proves that dinosauruses were not cold-blooded creatures, so why are revisionist Magic historians trying to reclassify the Pygmy Allosaurus as a lizard when it was originally and always should have been a dinosaur? It would make more sense to call it a bird.

Also, people don't ride dinosaurs. Not even elf people.


In a feeble attempt to repair the broken comment system on this site, I'm inviting you to discuss this post on our forum.

Did you feel that ending was sudden? Yeah, me too, but I couldn't think of a better ending. So I just stopped there. Feel free to write a better ending when replying to the article.

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