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Naked Singularity
By Adam Saltz
I was looking through an old strategy article, and it mentioned Naked Singularity. I looked up the card, and the first thing I thought was "multiplayer". So here's the deck I made. Suggestions are welcome at

By the way, the format is "Type F(un)". I play with friends really casually.

4 Naked Singularity
4 Urza's Powerplant
4 Urza's Tower
4 Urza's Mine

4 Enlightened Tutor
2 Island Sanctuary
2 Celestial Dawn
2 Wrath of God
3 Black Vise

2 Serra Angel
2 Teferi's Honor Guard
2 Cho-Manno, Revolutionary
1 Serra Avatar
1 Mageta the Lion

12 Plains
7 Swamps

Some notes about the cards:

For those who don't know, Naked Singularity is...

Artifact, 5
Cumulative Upkeep 3
Plains produce R, Mountains produce U, Islands produce G, Forests produce B, and Swamps produce W.

In a multiplayer game, this WILL wreak havoc. (And paint a huge bullseye on your forehead. - Istanbul) Unless someone is playing a five-color or all-artifact deck, this could easily ruin a strategy.

Island Sanctuary: I might take out Celestial Dawn and put in 2 Howling Mines for this. It allows me to draw a card and still not be attacked much. I don't like the upkeep on Peacekeeper.

Wrath of God/Mageta: If I play this before Naked Singularity, it's trouble town. Mageta is especially good.

Black Vise: Could be primary source of damage. I might put in some Booby Traps.

Creatures not yet mentioned: I need some defense...

Seeker: When I have control, I need to get past blockers.

12 Plains for before Naked Singularity, 7 Swamps for after. Think I could put in some black cards too? (Vampiric Tutor? - Istanbul)

Celestial Dawn is a problem. It overides NS, which is awesome, but stops my Urza-trons. Maybe I could put in a Scrublands...?

I was also thinking of putting in Impatience.

This deck could be good in two-player too. In fact, it could be better! Less people means less mad people!


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