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Deconstructing Jamie Wakefield
By Mark Ortego
First and foremost, I am a big fan of the 'The King of Fatties'. He's been known as the "working man's" Magic player (that's me); a blue collar worker, if you will. By the time I really discovered him, he was on his way out, so I had to settle for 'archive reading' to enjoy those great, early articles. Still, I always felt 'connected' to him. I laughed at his funny accounts on life and Magic, I got angry when he got screwed or shafted. I felt connected to him because he was 'one of us', the regular guy who had made it big. Now, he's gone . I, too, am guilty of thinking of him as bigger than life. When he finally left the Magic community, I, through my own prism, turned him into a Magic legend. Did he deserve that status from me? You betcha! I think most of you would agree, and if not, I'd be willing to guess that he has a special place somewhere in you. Admit it, we all do, to some extent.

For God's sake, this man isn't dead! He frickin' left the game of Magic for another game!! Yes, I wish he still wrote about Magic, but he doesn't. Oh well. If I want to start reading articles that are interesting to me again, I'd better get crackin'! (I had sort of taken a hiatus from reading pro-tour type articles.)
Now, along comes Aaron Forsythe (I'll pause for proper 'boo-hissing' abuse). Yes, he did manage to anger every casual magic player from here to Timbuktu, but I find his articles stimulating. Not since Jamie Wakefield's articles did I feel a certain 'connection' with a pro-tour writer. Is being from Pittsburgh having a slight influence over me? Yes, to be from Pittsburgh is to have one of the greatest honors in the world and having anyone remotely from this 'Mill Hunk' town being even slighty famous, is even a greater honor! That said, do I think playing casually is a waste of my time, as Aaron may have indicated? No. But I do realize that if I want to start getting better at this game, I better start by retiring my 'Erratic-Spikes' signature deck. That's only the beginning, the guys that come to my house to play, usually want to practice for tournaments but I always end up by convincing them to play a huge multi-player game and waste several hours (remember, I like to stall), I gotta stop that. I'm going to start swearing off the 'Off-Topic' forum and start soliciting more help from you guys in the 'Decks' section. Yes, I know it's for casual decks...but these days, it's for both casual AND tournament-worthy decks.
This new notion of mine is being fueled by reading Aaron Forsythe's articles. This guy is a living, breathing (non-legend status) Pro-Tour guy who started off casually and worked his way to a sucessful tournament record. You know, if Jamie wrote an article today about the current tourney environment, I would not have as much interest in it as I would have in an Aaron Forsythe current tournament article. Why? Jamie's been gone for a while, and though I'm sure it would make for great reading, I'm not so sure I'd take the stratagy so seriously. I read somewhere that Wakefield wants to come back and play his Secret Force for a PTQ. How do you think he'll do? Right, I agree.
Aaron Forsythe will never ever be Jamie Wakefield, nor will he ever take Jamie's place. He's an average 'schmoe' who started playing Magic AND STILL IS! I ask that you all give Aaron Forsythe a chance again, for the first time (yeah, you read that right).

This is Yellowjacket

BTW, did you know that Forsythe's original Angry Hermit deck started out as a CASUAL deck, go figure.

(And another casual player bites the dust. -Istanbul)

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