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More 'walker poetry
By Matt Hartig
I've noticed these poems springing up a lot lately, guess I'll show off my talent..

I fall through branches
Mountains loom before me
I am standing in the mists
This land is rich.

It is uneasy here,
while the roars of forest beasts
echo about the tree trunks
I seize the energy.

Sudden blaze
There is another.
Atop the mountains
sounds a bellow of war.

My exploits have served me
I have the lines
of many lands in my grasp
shot from the Aether.

I draw a circle
I can see him burning
And his fire
is massive.

One pull of mana
one drag of life
one resistant wall
fire is frozen.

Ice! I laugh.
I can see his lightning
but it strikes only him
chaos serves death.

Here I stand
atop this mountain
frozen corpse
steaming at my feet.

Now here,
Beautiful plane,
Two new lines of mana
Mine for the taking.


aren't I great?

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