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Casual trends
By Charlie Edgemar
Remember Dakkon Blackblade , and all of his dragon legend friends? Dakkon was such a cool guy I made a 3 color deck so he could kill my friends. But so did everyone else, my friends and most other people I played against had those 3 color monsters and a lot of dual lands. But I didn't have any dual lands cause I traded mine for something...I forgot what I traded them for, it was so long ago. But it didn't bother me cause I learned how to make a multi color deck with out dual lands, I had a few artifacts that helped with the mana. Then a few expansion sets later all the decks I faced were shadow or phasing or what ever the new thing was. It was almost like what ever was new was the thing and then it went away, at least in the casual enviorment. But know one seemed to learn anything, cause it seemed a lot of people almost started over when a new expanison set came out cause they thought well this is it, this is the way magic is gonna be and only decks with Dragon Legends are good or only decks with shadow are good.
Now that invasion is here a lot of people are acting like it's the second comming of Urza and are saying this is gonna change the way magic is played, but people say that about every expansion. Ofcourse we are going to see an increase in multi color decks because of the dual lands and with Plainshift when ever it comes out, but this will all fade like everything else has. How many of you have Avatar decks now? Nothings wrong with having one, but you've seen a lot by now.
Well I'm not worried about making an Avatar deck or a rhystic deck, but when I do make my deck I well have in my mind that I'm probably going to play against some rhystic cards and that i'm probably going to play agaisnt some multi colored decks cause I'm still afraid of Dakkon Blackblade from the old days. So whether I make a single color deck or not, i'm prepared for anything, at least in the casual world. Because the bottom line is the better deck is going to win anyway. Mulit color doesn't mean better but it has more options but if you know your color you can do anything.
That's why when the Invasion hype dies down people will start to complain about the set. They're only 15 good cards in the set and you don't even "need" them, unless the next set makes the cards in Invasion better.
And ofcourse this happens with every expansion too. It's great, then it's ok, and then it sucks...almost like pop music, what's that boy group called?
Just remember no color is better than the other and the best deck wins not the deck that's in with the latest trend.

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