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Breaking Pyromancy
By Kirsin Koch
On the message boards, I suggested that people give me some card ideas to break. These are decklists I came up with for Pyromancy that I have in my archives. The casual decks I have here will win, but not exactly with overkill speed. These are better for multiplayer and also may have some cards that are hard to get ahold of. For that, I apologize. Hopefully you can make some changes that will work.

This is from The Dojo:

“Neo-Vice Age”
Colors: Red
Created by: Jarrod Vulgamore
Description/Theme: Empty your hand in myriad ways to deal damage to your opponent
Source: The Dojo

4 Arc Lightning
2 Hammer of Bogardan
4 Kris Mage
4 Pyromancy
4 Seismic Mage (Could be replaced by Flowstone Flood or Arc Mage)
2 Shivan Phoenix
4 Squee, Goblin Nabob
2 Viashino Cutthroat

4 Howling Mine
4 Iron Maiden

3 Ghitu Encampment
23 Mountain

1 Damping Engine
2 Hammer of Bogardan
4 Jokulhaups
4 Scald
4 Wheel of Torture

Now, this is my take on Pyromancy. For Pyromancy to work, you essentially have to have either A) a lot of expensive cards in hand that you don't care about losing, or B) one expensive card in hand you don't care about losing. There is no real middle ground in Pyromancy's case. Also, I recommend shutting your opponent down, so that they can't react, but you can fling your spells at them and a way to get spells back into your hand quickly.

"Task Mage's Delight"
Colors: Red/Green
Created by: Kirsin Koch
Description/Theme: Pyromancy deck

2 Flame Wave/Jokulhaups
2 Hammer of Bogardan
4 Mana Flare
4 Pyromancy
2 Shivan Phoenix
2 Squee, Goblin Nabob

4 Creeping Mold
4 Eladmri's Vineyard
3 Gaea's Blessing
4 Land Grant
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Skyshroud Elves
1 Wordly Tutor

2 Howling Mine
4 Well of Knowledge

7 Mountain
9 Forest

I think this deck is fairly easy to work. Recursion of "flung" cards are through Gaea's Blessing, or through self-recurring cards like Hammer of Bogardan, Shivan Phoenix, and Squee, Goblin Nabob. Mana acceleration is through Mana Flare and the Elves. With all the mana acceleration, you should have no problem drawing more cards with the Well of Knowledge and either casting them or feeding them to Pyromancy, and if you have a Well in play already, you can pitch them without worry.

Possible replacements for Squee might be 2 more Hammers or Phoenixes.

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