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Counter, sweet sweet Counter
By Andrew Buskell
Before the Urza's block rotates out sometime in the fall, we have time to build an awesome counter deck. With all of the new counterspells like foil, spiketail drake/hatchling, and rethink plus the re-appearing ones like spell blast and counterspell, its almost a shame that I see few people playing it.

Now, my idea rotates around a single card found in Urza's saga, arcane laboratory, which allows each player to only play one spell per turn.(got it yet?) Anyway, we also include stronghold biologist and machinist just incase we don't have those counterspells. Add a couple big and flexible creatures like morphling and Tidal Kraken, and by gum! We have a deck.

SPELLS: (22)
4 x Arcane Laboratory
4 x Foil
4 x Counterspell
4 x Rethink
4 x Thwart
2 x Deflection

3 x Stronghold Biologist
3 x Stronghold Machinist
4 x Spiketail Drake
3 x Morphling
3 x Tidal Kraken

LAND: (what's left over [22])
16 x Islands
4 x Rishadan Port
2 x Faerie Conclave

Well, at least it's got most of the necessities, you can replace the big rare creatures with something a little more common, like King crab, not only is it 4/5 but you can put target green creature on top of its owners library. Well I think that I have written enough (darn cramps), so if you would like to reply to me directly email me at

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