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Guild Wars Part 2 or Trimmin the fat off the meat
By John Fu
As the the ten way free for all brawl looms, I am making the final cuts on my deck. If you didn't read part one, I was assigned to Simic guild. Here is my current deck as it stands. I have left the basic lands out:


4x Voidslime
2x Cloudstone Curio
2x Simic Guildmage
4x Simic Sky Swallower
1x Vigean Hydropon
3x Vigean Graftmage
4x Trygon Predator
2x Sporeback Troll
4x Simic Initiate
1x Simic Basilisk
Protean Hulk
1x Novijen heart of progress
2x Plaxcaster Frogling
4x Omnibian
1x Momir Vig, Simic Visionary
4x cytoshape
4x cytoplast rootkin
4x cytoplast manipulator
4x coiling oracle
1x aquastrandspider
4x assault zeppelin
2x expirement Kraj

As you can see. This deck might be too thick to be fast enough. One thing I have to consider is that it is a ten way free for all. That said having a thicker deck may be better to help me go the distance and withstand the stinging jabs of the Dimir Guild. I would like to have two builds of the deck, one at 60 cards and the other at 80 cards to test play and see how it works. Unfortunately, since I am limited to using primarily Simic cards, the deck lacks a strong control element. I need to focus on parrying direct attacks with Voidslimes, Omnibians, and Cytoplast Manipulators. I can't and should not meddle in other peoples fights and need to keep a constant vigilance from back stabs. People in my group love to back stab. If you notice on my list Protean Hulk and Junktroller both are listed without any card counts attached. Those are my two wish cards that I can't seem to find space for. I need the most of the creatures on the list to field some of the most fearsome threats in Ravnica. The mana arc for this deck is really weak around 1 casting cost and I considered spell snare for it. My ninjas have told me that most people were not considering too many two casting cost spells so that was quickly dropped. The deck really picks up steam at three casting cost as I have 3 to 5 cards I can fill in that slot. Eventually Cloudstone Curio and Momir Vig will let me get creatures quicker and larger than my competitors.

That said and being the ever so cautious cat that I am. Here is how my deck stacks against the field. I have control elements, but its not as strong as Orzhov and Auzorius. I have large and quick beats, but not as fast as Gruul. I can field a decent number of creatures but not as many as Selesnia. What I do excel in is midranged heavy hitters and a few tricks to protect my creatures. My deck lacks the ability to directly deal with a few annoying legends, but I'm hoping to beat people before they can exercise enough control to stop me.

If anyone has any suggestions, please HELP ME!

Until next time, may your decks be well built enough that you never have to pray to top deck.

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