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Guild Wars Part 1 or Is a Simic an ape?
By John Fu
It finally happened.

I always kicked the idea around of getting some friends together and doing a huge ten way game of Magic of the ten guilds of Ravnica. About two weeks ago I jokingly mentioned the idea to a friend and here we are.

I loved the Ravnica set but to be perfectly honest I lost focus on it half way through the second set in the block. When the dust was settled I was assigned guild Simic.

Simic what? Who's a Simic? What's a Simic? Simic, like simian? I had no clue and I was way over my head.

Before I go any further I wanted to make clear the ground rules. Decks must adhere to standard construction rules. Decks can only contain cards from Ravnica block. Decks can not contain cards that are specific to another guild. Decks must contain at least 1 of each guild champion, guild leader, guildmage and guild land.

I loved the first four guilds but felt like the last six weren't as focused or fleshed out as the first four. Simic wasn't on my short list but I believe I got a good shot at taking the title.

On a cursory inspection of Dissension. My choices, are slim pickins... I know I need to run 4 voidslimes. I know in the back of my mind that I will run Cloudstone Curios and Doubling Seasons. This will ensure that I have larger than average creatures on the board. Savage twister is one reset option that I am afraid of and the Queen of the Golgari is going to gum up my works something fierce. Both the Gruul and the Boros will establish strong early games while Golgari and Demur both have really strong control options. It's rumored that the Orzhov player will not run any mortifies so then thats 4 less spot removal to worry about.

The game will go down in a month or so. Feel free to speculate and bet on the outcome. Any advice is also welcome.

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