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Anatomy of a Tribe: Shapeshifters
By Jason Kolberg
After stumbling upon the changeling mechanic... I thought I would give Shapeshifters a go.

Shapeshifters: (24)
3x Torchling - Sort of fun, but provoke helped
4x Taurean Mauler - I felt they'd be dealt w/ and be a removal bullseye
4x Riverfall Mimic - needed to bring down the Mana Curve
4x Crag Puca - See Mimic
3x Morphling - What shapeshifter deck would be complete without Superman?
4x Dracoplasm - flying goodness
2x Duplicant - Removal

Support: (13)
2x Wild Ricochet - I thought it'd be cool if the spells mimicked the tribe.
3x Swerve - for spot removal
4x Shapeshifter's Marrow - pretty interesting effect and fit the tribe nicely
2x Sunken Hope - was for Duplicants and to reduce blockers.
2x Reins of Power - for Dracoplasm, but effective for other uses as well

Land: (23)
4x Volcanic Island
4x Steam Vents
4x Caldera Lake
5x Mountain
6x Island

So, how'd it fare...

I got out a Mauler very early which didn't get removed and consequently grew like gangbusters in our Multiplayer extravaganza. Then I dropped a Marrow which became a Beast of Burden curtesy of a Golem Deck. Those two held control of the board. When I was able to get torchling in, that allowed me to control blocking to get the big things through.

Unfortunately, my spell selections turned out to be wrong. I decided to go against my nature and not use Counter-magic. Combine this with being "nice" and not removing the biggest threat when I could, it proved to be my downfall. Sometimes I get too "cute" for my own good. The weakest opponent wished for Appocolypse and I was unable to stop it.

Now, I'm looking for my next tribe... I have a likely candidate in mind.

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