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Anatomy of a Tribe: Avatars
By Jason Kolberg
For our casual forum game I wanted to bring something with teeth. I’d previously played “friendly” tribes who tended to get slaughtered…

The restriction on tribes made my search interesting, and I stumbled upon some very cool Avatars along the way in Red & Black. They were fast and efficient.

Their biggest drawback is their cost, so I added Sneak Attack to get in some early whacks – and be able to drop an Avatar of Woe to clear a path if need be at Instant speed. Then I stumbled upon Sword of Darkness and Light. This allowed me to recover creatures sent to the graveyard, and provided for even bigger creatures w/ protection from both White and Black! I didn’t think too much about this interaction ahead of time or I might have added another Avatar to (ab)use – but I was staying in color. (For those who want to know it was Karona, False God). Oh, and to top off the other great aspect of the sword, it is life gain for a suicide deck…

I got a great draw to open the game, and once the deck got rolling, it worked its magic.

Here is the decklist:


4x Avatar of Fury (The weakest link really)
4x Avatar of Woe
4x Demigod of Revenge
4x Scion of Darkness
4x Stalking Vengeance

Supporting Cast:

1x Demonic Tutor
4x Gauntlet of Might (Mainly for fast mana if needed, was a wasted card slot)
2x Inferno (Board clearing goodness – if expensive)
4x Sword of Light and Shadow
4x Sneak Attack (Probably could have gotten away with 2-3)
2x Terminate (Should have put 4 in)
1x Vampiric Tutor


4x Badlands
4x Blood Crypt
4x Mountain
6x Swamp
4x Tainted Peak

I only wish I actually owned these cards to build the deck for real!

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