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All That Is Shall Be
By David Zadok Stroud
All That Is Shall Be
David Zadok Stroud

(To all casual players who haven’t heard of Jamie Wakefield, or haven’t read his articles: Go here: Read everything, and I mean everything, in bold print on that page. Every article. They’re great. And they’ll give you a clue as to what the hell I’m talking about here.)

I have Secret Force sitting in my deck box right now. Oh, it’s not the ‘official’ Secret Force, I don’t have three Verdant Forces just to throw around like that, but it has the four Natural Orders, Elves, Spikes, and a good number of other cards resembling the deck so often referred to by Jamie Wakefield. It’s one of the original versions Wakefield put on the ‘net, designed for when Mirage and Tempest were the two major blocks, and Urza’s Power Cards ™ were nothing but a glimmer in the eyes of Zvi Mowshowitz or whatever other enterprising deck designers first played with Academy.

Why am I carrying a net deck designed by someone who no longer plays for a format that doesn’t exist anymore? Well, mainly because I’m gonna go to a Friday Night Magic tourney soon, and I need a deck.

“But Zadok, Friday Night Magic is Type 2!”


“Secret Force, well… Isn’t.”

I know that. That’s why I have it on me. Because when I go, I intend to play Secret Force. Type 2 Secret Force, that is. And, since Wakefield is no longer providing us with weekly articles describing the latest and greatest Secret Force tech, I have to do it myself. Which means learning the original deck, inside and out. Playing it every single frickin’ day, goldfishing against every deck Wakefield had to deal with when he designed it, and learning why such an odd, twisted deck design that looks so scrubby could possibly have succeeded in the world. And from that, extrapolate to modern day Type 2, and learn how I can play a Wakefield-esque Secret Force deck without using any of the cards Wakefield had at his fingertips.

So, what’s going through my head so far? Well, the obvious. Pattern of Rebirth is just Natural Order with a funky name, right? But, if you read Wakefield’s writing, you’ll find that Secret Force wasn’t a Natural Order deck, or even a Verdant Force deck. It was a utility deck, that dealt with everything it ran across. So I won’t be using Pattern of Rebirth, at least not as a central concept.

What will I be using. I don’t know, not yet. But I will. Every day, from here on out, I’ll be playtesting Secret Force against all the things Wakefield built it to beat. And I’ll be comparing it to Type 2, and working through each and every possible card. And I’ll have Type 2 Secret Force. And I will play it.

Welcome to my latest project. And don’t worry, I’ll write a tourney report for ya’ll.

(No, I probably won’t have Greater Good maindeck. But it’s sideboard material, and good sideboard material at that…)

--Zadok001, aka Greater Good fanatic
Casual Players Alliance Founder (
“We have more sprouts than they have hands.”

----------David Zadok Stroud
“Truth and beauty have nothing in common, save this; that they exist only in the eye of the beholder.”

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