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And that's the way it is...
By Salam Al Hamdy
How to make playing Magic a fun experience.
It’s quite easy. You just need to free your mind from all the tournament cards; cards that make the playing either too short or too long; cards like Morphling and Masticore. When playing casual Magic, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind: that in casual Magic the point is to have fun rather than to win, yes it would be nice if you win, but the important point is fun. Always keep fun before everything else. Second, you must keep in mind that in casual Magic, you are not the ‘only’ one that matters, but the whole group. If you play cards that are ‘tournement’ power cards, than no one will ever play you again. Try to play casual and fun cards, cards that say ‘all other players’ or something that require a lot of players to participate. Try to find ‘replacement’ cards for those that might make the game boring or lame. Try to find cards that will enhance the gaming experience rather than cards that will rack your opponents’ strategy, because one thing is for sure in casual Magic, and it’s that you don’t have ‘opponents’ but friends and family playing. Don’t play cards like Disenchant and Counter Spell, because those kinds of cards will ruin the fun. Try to play your own unique Enchantments, Artifacts, Spells, and Creatures. Don’t focus on destroying Permanents, but focus on enhancing them and playing them. Don’t “destroy target land” but “enchant target land”. You see where I’m getting at? Cool.

Here’s a list of some cards that I found either make the game boring or too fast:
Treachery – just to over powered both in T2 and casual. Stay away from this bad boy at all costs.
Palinchron – don’t play this card. I’ve played it, and friends got mad. It’s just not fun.
Masticore – don’t even think about it. This card will leave you friend-less.
Rishadan Port – you’re playing casual. Don’t slow down the game to the point that it’s unplayable.
Disenchant – let them play with ‘new’ enchantments. Playing this will stop them from exploring the news.
Any kind of creature removal – same as above. Let them explore.

Here’s a hint. Instead of creature removal put creature punishers, like No Mercy, Spirit Link, Weakness, and all that. Avoid direct removal at all costs.
If you want a true gaming experience, than avoid most T2 cards in the first place. That’s my rule.

Play nice with others and they’ll play nice with you. Let them have what they want, after all you’re just playing for fun.

P.S. Have you heard of the card “Telekinesis”? It’s really a great, fun, and power card to play.

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