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The Revival of Burn
By Ademis22
With all of the new expansions one has to be thinking, what happened to that old fashioned burn deck? Well with all the new counterspells, powerful creatures and enchantments that come out every other month, who needs that good old fashioned burn? Well, with new cards like Latulla, Keldon Overseer and Searing Wind, does that old burn deck have a chance? Combined with older cards like blaze and cinder elemental and the seal of fire in nemesis, what's not to like about the ideas of the past?

With the new release of Prophecy I think every one is eyeing those huge avatars, sure 6/5 that can kill any creature just by tapping, but bring out a couple burn cards and BOOM! that card is blown right off the table. Now these Legendary Spellshapers are another thing, one that casts wrath of god, one that casts mind twist, and the best of all one that casts Blaze. I'm pretty sure we can formulate a deck with all this, here is my idea:

2 Latulla, Keldon Overseer
2 Two-headed Dragon
2 Avatar of Fury
2 Warmonger
4 Cinder Elemental
4 Arc Mage

4 Blaze
4 Seal of Fire
2 Searing Wind
2 Sizzle
2 Lunge
3 Magistrate's Veto

20 Mountains
4 Sandstone Needle
2 Terrain Generator
1 Rath's Edge

Pretty basic right? Don't worry if you can't get the huge cards like Two-headed dragon, there are some equivalents. Anyway, Prophecy could be the biggest thing in the revival of Burn based decks.
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