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Why I Love Magic
By Eric Olander
OK, I realize that this subject has been done, I'm fully aware of that. But, I felt that I just needed to let this out. Shall we begin?

One day, on the first day of sixth grade, I watch a group of kids playing some card game with each other. A kid notices me watching, and he comes up to me.

"Hey, do you wanna learn to play this game?"

Well, This seemed like something pretty cool, so I answered "Sure!" Well, the kid tells me to go to the local card shop, and get some cards. This was around Rath Cycle, and I think Exodus had just came out. So I go, and buy two 60 cards boxes of 4th edition, an Inquest, and two 4th edition booster packs. I had a faint idea of how to play, so I went home and spread out all my cards. Then I started playing against myself, and doing almost every possible thing wrong, such as thinking the X on my fireball meant that it dealt damage equal to the number of land I controlled. And then, I got the idea of going on the internet and running a search on Magic: The Gathering. There, I find The Dojo. So I go there, and read every possible thing I could. For a while, I spent my time in the Dojo Chat, talking to other magic players just like me. Then, I hear about something called IRC. So I ask about it, and go to their homepage, and download it. I go on to a server, into #mtg, and learnt everything I possibly could.

This went on for about five months, and while my friends were building "beatdown" decks with stuff like grey ogres and land leeches(a popular card at the time, at least when I started), I was building sligh and Draw-Go. I would never lose, and I left my friends in the dust . . .


The last time I played a real game of Magic was months ago, so I contact David Bruce, and we set up a gaming day. I went, had fun, and learned some stuff from some great guys that had been playing for a long while. At this point, I had one tournament under my belt(which I'll go into later), and I remember why I started playing Magic in the first place. This was about a week ago, and I'm trying to make Saturday Magic a regular thing. Now, I'm trying to make up for all the playing of Magic that I had been missing. Before then, I had been dreaming about winning the Pro tour . . . now, I could care less, at least until I get older and better.

Now, for the details of my first Magic Tournament I have ever won.

It was a SATURDAY, and I was nervous. I was packing my Erhnam-BurnEm deck that my friends simply could not beat. I though I might get 3rd or 4th place. The first three rounds, I just maul everybody I play against in two games each. Then I come up against someone playing stompy green, and I make a scrub mistake and lost. So then I was in the loser's bracket. I came up against a guy in th semifinals packing four Birds, Armageddons, Juggernauts, the works. I beat him in two games. Everyone there was either my age, or 20, or even older. I go up to the finals and I have to beat a hot shot kid with straight burn. I had to beat him three times in a row, and I did it! Everyone was congratulating me, and slapping me on the back, and everything else associated with winning. I went home $44 richer, and left the vets wondering how some 5 feet tall 13 year old could walk in there and win the tourney with about two game losses. I myself am still wondering how it happened!

I think I'll end on this note, there's so much more I want to write, but that's for another time.


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