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Some More Prophecy
By Alex Makhovykh
Hey everyone,
Sorry Iím so late with the article, but I was having exams, and- well you can guess the restÖ
Anyway, I went over my top 10 list for prophecy, and saw it wasnít perfect. Even thought the list is just my opinion, other people pointed me out some of the strong/useful cards that I missed. Over some playtesting sessions I also saw that I perhaps overrated some cards and underrated others. In this article I will make all of the corrections, and make a deck with each of the top 10 cards. I will also give lists with top 5 cards for each color.
Prophecyís Top 10:

#10: Rethink: Finally blue gets a 3 mana counterspell. Pretty cool one too- when people cast a spell then donít usually leave enough mana to cast another spell of the same size. And even if they do, you just rid your opponent of his mana, meaning he wonít be casting anything else this turn. Also, Rethink is much more easier to add to a multicolored deck as a form of countering- instead of Arcane Denial.
#9: Darba: Is this creature cool or what? Much better than Hungry Mist , as he is a 5/4 for 3G with the same upkeep, whereas Hungry Mist was a 6/2, which means- shock!- heís gone. A 5/4 for 3G? Itís a freakiní new Erhnam Djinn! Itís upkeep is virtually nothing- I mean this is green we are talking about here! What is 2 mana each upkeep to green? Nothing! Meanwhile you should be doing some serious damage to your opponent.
#8: Squirrel Wrangler: Everyone loves squirrels. The Deranged Hermitís brother delivers. Heíll make so many tokens, that youíll overrun your opponent in one or two attacks. Also, his other special ability is very cool- all the squirrels get pumped up, and then you can attack for the win!
#7: Avatar of Will: This is the best avatar in my opinion, in constructed environment anyway. It is often that your opponent is left with no hand, and that is the time for this baby to hit the board. Avatar of Will and Rethink may well bring pure blue control decks back- it gives blue a cheap creature to beat down on opponent with- after countering his spells. Also, it is not as costly as Morphling when played by using the alternate cost, which means that you can cast it and then counter something that targets it.
#6: Rhystic Tutor: I donít really know if this needs explanationÖ Get the card you need the moist from your deck for 3 mana. Since a lot of decks will be playing with Chimeric Idols, not many decks should be able to pay 2, and sometimes you can just cast it on the first turn with a Dark Ritual. It gets you that card you desperately need, right when you need it. Period.
#5: Foil: Now blue finally gets another free counterspell. The drawback is bigger than that of Force of Will, but perhaps less than Thwart. When you play it you have to discard 2 cards, one of which ahs to be an island, which means you loose 2 other cards. However, it can be played either very early, when youíre tapped out, or simply by paying its real cost - 2UU.
#4: Abolish: We all know how good Disenchant is. Well, this is a Disenchant that can be played for either 1WW or by discarding a plains. Itís alternative cost is very good, as it can be either cast early on or later in the game is letís say a Parallax Tide has you locked down. This card will find itís way into many, many sideboards, especially against replenish. It is also a good weapon against all those annoying artifacts such as Phyrexian Colossus, Phyrexian Processor, or my #2 choice.
#3: Mageta, the Lion: A wrath of God any turn, and a 3/3 creature. Clear the board, next turn attack. Next turn clean the board, then attack again. Put a bunch of protection/enhancement enchantments like Alexiís Cloak or Rancor on it, and rock on! Works very well against weenie decks, and comboís perfectly withÖ
#2: Chimeric Idol: I donít know how I missed this card last time. It is amazing. Not only is it a 3/3 for only 3 mana, it also works very well with so many cards from prophecy. Mageta, Calming Verse, Citadel of Pain, Fen Stalker, Keldon Berserker, Scoria Cat, Spur Grappler, Veteran Brawlers, Vintara Snapper, Well of Discovery, and Well of Life. There are many possibilities, and Chimeric Idol just makes you want to play with it- it is so darn cool, and useful too. ;-)
#1: Jolrael, Empress of Beasts: I canít believe people keep on underestimating this card. It is amazing! Five mana to summon, and for 3 mana, 2 cards, and tapping it, you can turn all your lands into 3/3 creatures. Too much cost? This is green we are talking about! It is the color of Llanowar Elves, Fyndhorn Elves, Fyndhorn Elders, Birds of Paradise, Gaeaís Cradles, Priests of Titania, and Elvish Spirit guides! And if you donít like the idea of killing your opponent with your lands, why not just drop a Powder Keg, and destroy his? What surprises me the most is that none of the magazines, sites, or any other sources of Magic have this card in top 10! I mean come on! So maybe itís not as fast in the current type 2, but who cares? How fun is it getting a bunch of elves into play, and overrunning your opponent with lands! Of course, it will take a few turns to get it out, but once it comes out, it is over for your opponent unless he finds a way to deal with her right away.

Now, for my deck ideas that include the cards from the top 10. Here comes the first new deck:

"The New Stampy"(I am not very original, am I? ;-)
Llanowar Elves x4
Pouncing Jaguar x4
Wild Dogs x4
Elvish Lyrist x3
River Boa x4
Vine Dryad x4
Uktabi Orangutan x2
Mungha Wurm x3
Darba x4
Rancor x4
Giant Growth x4
Gaeaís Cradle x4
Treetop Village x3
Forest x13

I am sure that all or most of you know how to play this deck, and are familiar with the main concept: kill your opponent fast. This deck a bit different than most since it doesnít use fast cheap creatures like Simian Grunts, Cradle Guard and Albino Troll, since they all have echo, but rather small, cheap, quick weenies, that beatdown fast, and enable you to cast Darba or Mungha Wurm in 3 turns or faster. The cheap creatures also help because they allow your Gaeaís Cradle to produce huge amounts of mana, in order to cast the big guns fast.

Deck #2:
"Squirrel Crazy"
Deranged Hermit x4
Squirrel Wrangler x3
Llanowar Elves x4
Priest of Titania x4
Elvish Lyrist x4/Disenchant x4
Masticore x2
Dense Foliage x2
Worship x3
Planar Birth x3
Worldly Tutor x2
Abeyance x2
Congregate x3
Gaeaís Cradle x4
Savannah x4
Forest x10
Plains x6

This deck is fairly simple. Get a lot of mana, then get out a whole lotta squirrels and overrun your opponent. I am sure that if you go over the deck list, youíll see the purpose of each and every card.

"Pure Blue Control"
Masticore x2
Powder Keg x4
Thieving Magpie x2
Avatar of Will x2
Morphling x1
Treachery x2
Soothsaying x1
Rhystic Scrying x1
Rethink x4
Counterspell x4
Foil x3
Miscalculation x3
Annul x3
Brainstorm x3
Island x19
Faerie Conclave x4
Dust Bowl x2

Once again, a deck with a simple concept, that however, might be hard to play. You must choose wisely
what to counter, and what not to, since you donít have an unlimited amount of counterspells, and must
choose wisely the key spells that your opponent will play. You have 17 counterspells, 7 library manipulation/card drawers, 8 other control cards, and 3-5 beatdown cards. You have to counter whatever important your opponent is playing, and kill them in the late game with an Avatar of Will, Morphling, Masticore, or a creature stolen with Treachery.

"Control of the Dark Lion"
Chimeric Idol x4
Powder Keg x4
Mageta, the Lion x4
Radiantís Dragoons x3
Squee x1
Seal of Cleansing x2
Ivory Mask x1
Inviolability x1
Story Circle x1
Worship x1
Stupor x2
Rhystic Tutor x2
Duress x4
Vampiric Tutor x4
Disenchant x4
Plains x10
Swamp x8
Rishadan Port x4

This deck is one of my favorite creations. Itís a control deck based in a lot of enchantment removal, and Magetas and Powder Kegs as creature removal. It has key search cards like Vampiric and Rhystic Tutors, and a bit of hand destruction in a form of Duress and Stupor. This deck also packs a few ways to help keep you, or your creatures stay alive longer. There is Radiantís Dragons, Worship, Story Circle, Ivory Mask, Inviolability, and last, but not least, Chimeric Idols. They combo so well with Mageta! Also one Squee is added to help keep the Magetaís ability at a lower cost, and it can be searched for with tutors in case it doesnít come up. This deck is very fun, and I am sure youíll have a lot of fun with it.

Now, Iím not telling you for sure that when go out there and play youíre gonna win all your games. All Iím giving you is a couple of decks I made, for fun purposes. Even though you can hardly call Rishadan Port fun

Top 5 Cards for Draft in Each Color:
1. Avatar of Woe
2. Plague Wind
3. Bog Elemental
4. Pit Raptor
5. Fen Stalker
1. Alexi, Zephyr Mage
2. Spiketail Drake
3. Stormwatch Eagle
4. Heightened Awareness
5. Withdraw
5. Ribbon Snake

1. Jolrael, Empress of Beasts
2. Squirrel Wrangler
3. Thresher Beast
4. Silt Crawler
5. Vitalizing Wind
1. Avatar of Fury
2. Latulla, Keldon Overseers
3. Flameshot
4. Rhystic Lightning
5. Fault Riders
1. Mageta, the Lion
2. Jeweled Spirit
3. Troubled Healer
4. Shield Dancer
5. Reveille Squad

I strongly suggest drafting on Netdraft, as it is very little time consuming, free, a lot of fun, and gets you a lot of experience in drafting. Above are the cards you should be looking for when drafting. These are only top 5 for each color, but there are so many more cards that are worth taking. But thatís for the next article.

Anyway, I hope that this article helped some of you, in either deck construction or in just realizing how useful some of the underrated cards are.

Alex M.
a.k.a. Superguy
a.k.a. Alex, Emperor of Squirrels
"Hatred outlives the hateful."

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