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Budget's Herald
By Jonah Swersey
I am the fiend of all power niners. The bane of Vintage. I am the cheap-ass that no serious tournament player will ever lose to. I am the BUDGET PLAYER CADET!!!!!!

I am here to represent a different way of play. I used to envy the poor idiots who gave out 80-100 dollars for a play set of Force of wills, now I pity them. I have enough cards. I'm pleased with my collection. So what if my elf deck could use a few more priests of titania or wellwishers? So what if my artifact deck could use 3 more myr retrievers, disciples of the vault, and krark-clan ironworks. I don't care. I just want to play, and have the freedom to blast people who go to vintage tournaments packing the entire power nine.

But let's face it. How many of us are in the same situation? I know that this site is more for experienced players who have many years of experience. Well, I am 14 years old since the 16th of january, 2008. Can you relate? People like me have to scrounge every penny together to even see the new set coming out. And damn it, I'm proud!

Who hasn't been in this situation before? Budget players are everywhere, and especially when they don't have family or friends that can loan them cards, you hear our voices. I have literally no way to gain access to cards older than onslaught.

So this is a message to all those who don't have the cash to buy anything new, don't give up hope. There are ways. Be it friends that hold drafts for under ten bucks or something else, just keep collecting. And who knows, maybe that Tarmogoyf that you're holding in your hands will be worth something someday.

Wait a minute-it already IS worth that much! Okay, people, I don't have anything against people wanting to make positive trades, but it really bothers me. So many of my kind, the bargain players (ah heck, just call us noobs if you want) are incredibly often getting ripped off in everything. Targomoyf? Hey, kid, that cards crap. You know what? To make it feel better, I'll give you this awesome 6/6 for seven mana, the strongest creature around!

And then the kid gets walloped in the next game by an 8/9 Tarmo.

It isn't funny, it's just cruel, and it lowers the number of people who keep playing magic. They get angry, and they stop playing. Stuff like that really destroys us. But our numbers are not insignificant. Just about anyone who has been playing magic for less than three months belongs to the Budget Players. Almost all players younger than 13 are Budgeted by their allowance.

So don't just ignore us as we lurk in the shadows of the Vintage tournament rooms, or look on in envy at the standard tournaments. We are there, we will unite, and we will become strong.

Power to the Poor!

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