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REALLY putting the fun back in Magic
By Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn (Five Color Fat)
First, I'd like to introduce myself. I am a very new member to this organization, however I have read this page on and off for quite awhile. I'd like to thank the CPA for posting player articles, getting at the issues that the regular player can relate to.
I am sick of writing done by pros for pros. If I have to read another article about the OMS brothers with Jon Finkle in a team match, I'm going to hurt someone.
That being said, I'll get to the long post...

All of this talk about putting the fun back in Magic isn't getting at the root of why you aren't having fun. Yes, the price of packs HAS increased from the original $2.45 to the current $3.29, however this alone is not something to gripe about. Hey, I'm a little upset that I can't get a $2.99 Extra Value Meal anymore, but I'll deal with it. :-) The recent bannings in extended and block shouldn't throw people off. Certain cards have been dominating FORMATS, and that is what is being corrected.
First of all, let's be fair. Masques block isn't an enticing format to play to begin with. Rebels and Rising Waters are few options, and while I loved the BigHead.dec I saw in Madison this past weekend, I'm still not gonna shell out 25 bucks, not even once this season.
I never have liked type II either. Until WOTC finally decided to put together a Qualifier season, I had a type II deck together four days out of the year. Regionals, States, and the day before each. :-) Instead of getting yourselves worked up about what WOTC is telling you, maybe play something else for a change. That seems like what this whole organization is pushing, or at least the idea is there.

Well fellow players, I have an answer for you! This format has been gaining steam this year in the Midwest, especially in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. And for all of you trying to scream the loudest about your favorite color, my format gives you all five.
Some of you may know of the Five-Color Magic varient already, but for those who don't, I'll give a little overview.

Five-color Magic is a format where players must constrct 250 card decks and each match is for ante.
Now, why should you choose this format? Well, I thought about this. How can I get people to play this format? One reason for me was that I got to play cards I hadn't played in a long time. When was the last time you played an ante card, or your Scroll Racks, Serendib Efreets, or hell, how about those Lightning Bolts now collecting dust?
This is one of the perfect reasons that a casual player should like this format; you get to use a large variety of cards, even those Contracts from Below you thought would always rest under your bed.
The deck size also gives you many choices, with great card flexibility.
This format does, while few, have rules. All cards are still limited to four. There are a few banned cards, and about 40 restricted ones. The B&R lists are constantly being scrutinized by EVERYONE who plays. While I may be one of the main contributers on the mailing list, and an influence on all who play in my area, it certainly does not mean that I make all of the rules.
We appreciate and expect players to be e-mailing constantly, bringing up new tech, rules questions with cards you never even thought should see the same game together, and telling us about cards they think adversly affect the entire format.
You can get all of these complete lists on the official five-color website as well as signing up for the mailing list.
Mark "Old Man" Gresbach, the webmaster does an excellent job, updating 4-5 times per week while also running the mailing list with perfection. I strongly recommend you look at the site at [url][/url
You can e-mail Mark at for more information on the format, the mailing list or the website.
For some of you, being able to get together and play in big groups may be one of the things you are looking for. Five-color is perfect for this, as 250 card lend themselves to slightly slower starts, thus getting everyone off to an even pace, instead of the one guy who plays blue getting beaten on early, because everyone knows that he will "Disk" later in the game.
One-on-one, two-on-two, and free-for-all are all popular ways to play this varient.
While this format is played for ante, I still play friendly Magic with my deck. Sometimes I play for rares, or just uncommmons when I'm testing some new cards, or playing with someone who is new to the game. There is much competition between those who want to compete, however the roots of this format are those from sitting around a comic shop lazily on a Saturday with a fat stack of cards, some creatures, lots of card-drawing and lots of kids who didn't care about 60 card decks for an afternoon.
As a matter of fact, it still feels like that to this day. Sick of playing type II, fine, play five-color. Sick of Masques block, I understand; how many options do you have in that format? Five-color with its limitless options can take theme decks to the extreme.
I encourage all of you to at least check out the webpage and see if there is a store near you that supports this fun format. After all, isn't fun what this GAME is supposed to be all about, anyway?!

Thank you for your time,

Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn
Creator of Five-color Magic
Reach me at
Check out the webpage run by Mark Gresbach at

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