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Rainbow Magic: Color Controversy
By Anden Imamura
OK, Seeker of Truth back again, and I am once again seeking the truth on this whole favorite color issue, which I think has degenerated from a simple question of preference to a bunch of pseudo-flames and choosing sides.

Having read the extensive response to the "blue" thread in the message boards, it's clear to me that there are two sides to the "favorite color" issue: those that play blue, and those who don't. By the way, this may explain the overwhelming lead blue holds in the voting booth, as all the blue players circle the wagons while the rest of the members vote for their respective favorites (anything but blue).

In any case, blue is praised as the "color of the mind", as I think one blue player called it, and many blue players emphasize the fact that blue is filled with complexities and requires careful, thought-out play in order to be successful. Other colors, on the other hand, are praised for a variety of reasons, including "coolness" factor, ease of play, and sheer power.

OK, fine. Blue is a color known for its mind games. Black has some cool creatures. Beatdown is a relatively easy strategy. Green has the ability to totally overpower someone. No argument here.

Then we get personal.

It started out subtly at first. In praising blue, some members have said that it forces people playing against blue to stop and think about what they're going to play, taking into account untapped mana sources, cards in hand, etc. However, the suggestion was also made that perhaps some anti-blue advocates don't like this mental approach, so they don't like blue because it makes them think.

The gauntlet has been thrown.

Suddenly what was originally just a curious question of a person astounded that blue was such a favorite among us CPA members turned into a battlefield. Fans of beatdown started accusing blue of being "evil", that blue wins its battles not in the cards, but in the paranoia, the frustration, the smugness of being in total control of whether or not a player may play a spell. Blue is the king of lockdown strategies, from Turbo-Stasis to Forbidian to Tradewind Riders/Capsize, anti-blue voices are quick to point out. Blue doesn't bother building up armies like green or white; basically, blue has nothing on the board save a single Masticore or Morphling, and proceeds to win the game that way.

Picture an army of 100 soldiers facing off against a single soldier, except that the 100 soldiers don't have weapons and can't move, and you may understand the kind of frustration anti-blue players are talking about. Blue doesn't fight fair. They either keep all your creatures off the board with counters and bounce spells, or they let you build your army but never let you attack until it's too late.

Wah, wah, wah, say the blue players. One of the earlier posts in the thread thought that the original poster was probably just salty because he has a hard time beating blue decks. This seems to be the general sentiment among the blue players in the thread. anti-blue players just hate playing against blue because they don't know how to play against it properly. It's probably the only color they have a hard time against because all their other games are either kill or be killed in the span of 5 turns.

Blue players started adopting an elitist mentality against the anti-blue faction. "I like blue because it forces you to think," some blue players say. "You can't just pick up a blue deck and expect to win with it; it takes practice and experience to handle a blue deck properly," others claimed. Some argued that blue gets a bad rap because uninformed anti-blue players think blue is all about counterspells, or that blue is all about cheesy combo decks. Others hinted that blue is the intellectual color, and that other colors and strategies are "dumb" or "mindless" because all they do is put out creatures and attack, without considering anything else.

So, blue is "evil", and green is "dumb."

You remember that line from "Spaceballs", right? "Evil will triumph because good is dumb"?

Anyway, with that in mind, I've written this whole article just to say that all of us have strong feelings about our favorite colors. Sometimes it's the color we first played, or sometimes it's a color of a winning deck we were impressed by. Maybe we played the color because we were told it was weak, and we wanted to prove that it wasn't, or maybe we played a color because it rocked against another color that we didn't like, or because we were able to beat our biggest rival with that color.

In any case, green, blue, white, we all have a reason why a color is our favorite. But, like in life, just because we identify with a certain color doesn't mean we should put down other people who happen to side with another color.

Yes, this sounds childish, but it's obvious that the ranting and flaming going on in the thread isn't doing much more than making people mad at each other. I posted a message in that thread asking everyone why they liked the color they liked, and I probably made a mistake by asking people what color they didn't like and why they didn't like that color. As my name says, I was just seeking the truth, and as a result, I may have been responsible for this fallout, so I apologize for that.

Be that as it may, I still stand by my original observation, which was that I was surprised there were so many fans of blue in this forum, seeing as this is supposed to be the forum of casual players, and blue is usually the bane of casual players.

I'm sure you are also wondering where I fall on this issue. I happen to be a devotee of green, with white being a close second. I've been a fan of green ever since I read that article in the Duelist about Stompy and how it was rapidly becoming a tournament-quality deck. This was still during the time of "green got screwed again" rants following every new expansion, and I've always been a sucker for the underdog. Before green, I was a fan of white, because white is the "good guy" color, and I like the "good guys".

As for my least favorite color, I would have said blue, except that now I'm trying to come up with new ideas for blue, and I'm starting to gain a bit of an appreciation for it. As of right now, I'd say my least favorite color is red, mainly because I don't know how to use it properly. LD is a major part of red's strategy, and I have never been able to effectively make a LD deck. My goblin deck was good at one time, but recent set rotations have caused all my favorites to rotate out, leaving a rather weak mess.

So there you have it. I think that while we may have strong opinions about our favorite colors, there's no reason why we need to keep belaboring the point with insults and personal attacks. I think we should all do ourselves a favor and wrap up the "blue" thread, because all of the judgmental flak in the thread is starting to become less and less involved with the discussion of favorite color and more and more involved with attacking people's personalities, intellect and Magic-playing skill, which I don't think is what we should be concentrating on at all.

I hope that if you have taken the time to read all this, you will understand that further discussion on the topic of favorite color is about as useful as a discussion of whether "Star Wars" or "Star Trek" is better. It serves no useful purpose except to get everyone angry and defensive, so the best remedy is just to drop the subject and forget about what side you're on.

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