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Contest Entries: My decks (original title huh?)
By manchot_13
Psychic Pain

4 Psychic venom
4 Twiddle
4 Creature Bonds
4 Slow motions
4 Power Sink
4 Pendrel Flux
4 Power Taint
2 Mana Chains
1 Wall of Air
1 Caltrops
2 Soul Barrier
2 Sissay’s Ring
2 Horseshoe Crab
2 Wall of Vapor

20 Island

This is a fairly simple deck. It sits... and sits... and forces your opponent to take damage
somehow. Eventually with all the psychic venoms, and other cards, he won't be able to do anything. Ideally, this will happen before he kills you. Creature bond is the main method if he isn't killing himself.

MY Bargain Deck

2 Orrim's Prayer
3 Jasmine Seer
2 Castles
3 Noble Stands
1 Glittering Lion
3 Master Decoys
2 Troubled Healer
4 Soul Charmer
1 Sustainer of the Realm
2 Mother of Runes
3 Bargain
1 Whetstone
3 Shield Dancer
1 Sword Dancer
3 Oracle's Attendants
2 Abolish
2 Humbles
1 Soul Sculpter
1 Glittering Lion

20 Plains

This was my response to my friends super dee duper Yawgmoth's Bargain deck (which he also called Bargain). When i told him i had a bargain deck, he just laughed, and said, "you don't even own a bargain". My response was, "sure, right here". The point of this deck is to use the bargains to get ahead on deck size and then use all the life gain to keep ahead until you can get rid of him with whetstone. Yes, I know there are a lot of better ways to do this, and yes, I know I own some of
them, but this is a casual deck, hence where i am posting it. I also note, that the way there are so few unessential cards is a strategy i use to make my casual deck games more interesting.

Bee Sting

Ok, this is a deck that was a combined effort:


4 Bee Sting
4 Faith Healer
4 Rancor
4 Argothian Enchantress
4 Femeref Enchantress
4 Helm of Awakening
4 Soldevi Digger
4 Cadaverous Blooms


4 Demonic Tutors


4 Birds of Paradise
4 Dark Rituals


Rancor faith healer (or other creature)
Have Femeref and Argothian Enchantress in Play
Sacing Rancor now produces at least two cards and one life
Play Cad Bloom (use this for mana if necessary)
Draw Deck
Play Helms of Awakening
Use Bee sting and soldevi digger, as well as, cad bloom to kill target opponent with bee sting.


4 BloodSHOT cyclops
4 Fling
4 Righteousness
4 Goblin Maniac

4 Wall of Stone
4 Wall of Fire
4 Wall of Junk
4 Angelic Chorus
4 Flowstone Wall
4 Rusting Golem

11 Mountains
9 Plains

This deck is based around bloodshot cyclops (chuck to his friends). In additon to things for chuck to throw, it has ways of inflating them such as, Righteousness, and a lot of life gain to help you last and protect yourself until you can pull off the final chuck.

Well, that's my decks... I hope you like these ideas.


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