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Almost Mono-Green
By Rick Mosier
Almost Mono-Green

When I was majorly into Magic, it was Tempest/Urza/6th Edition block time in Type 2. This deck, while certainly not wonderful, did a good job for me a lot of the time. And any suggestions are always welcome.

Here is the Tempest/Urza/6th Ed Decklist:


16x Forest
4x Gaea’s Cradle


4x Wild Growth OR 4x Fog
4x Fertile Ground
4x Blaze


4x Fyndhorn Elder
4x Heart Warden
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Priest of Titania
4x Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
4x Seeker of Skybreak
4x Skyshroud Elf

1/3 of the deck is lands, 16 Forests and 4 Gaea's Cradles. I know the Cradle is a Legendary Land, but I always find it easier to draw when you have multiple copies.

The second section of the deck involves two Enchant Land cards and one Sorcery. The two Enchant Lands are Wild Growth and Fertile Ground. The sorcery is Blaze. Now, you may be wondering how in the world one will cast a spell requiring red mana with only Forests. The answer is Fertile Ground. When the enchanted land is tapped for mana, it produces one extra mana of any color. This gets you the red you need.

The third section is creatures. 28 total cards, 4 each of the following: Fyndhorn Elder, Heart Warden, Llanowar Elves, Priest of Titania, Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary, Seeker of Skybreak, and Skyshroud Elf. Obviously, excepting Seeker, all of these are mana producing elves, either one or two green mana, or in the case of Rofellos, one for each Forest.

The Seeker aids by being able to tap him to untap Rofellos or Priest of Titania, depending on if you have more Elves or Forests. This can get you a LOT of mana if you get 4 Seekers out and repeat the process over and over.

The main kill scenario is to get a Blaze in your hand and then concentrate on as much mana production as you can. Using Skyshroud Elf or Fertile ground for the one red mana, pump the Blaze as much as you can and watch your opponent get roasted.

There is a card not listed here that can be traded out for either the Wild Growths or the Heart Wardens. Fog. It may even be a better choice for the deck, to help with creature heavy decks that depend on attacking a lot. Fog will negate any combat damage up to 4 times, allowing you to keep going with the mana production or to find the Blaze.

Now, many of you may be asking how this deck did. I never entered any tournaments with it, as I never thought of myself as that competitive of a player. But I did play in a lot of local games and it had about a 75% win record. The times it didn’t win was most often not getting the mana either with not enough land, or not enough creature protection.

I know a lot of you are also thinking, “These sets were five years ago! What about the sets of today? Well, I have just the thing for you. After careful consideration of Ninth Edition, the Kamigawa Block and the Ravnica block (not having any experience with Coldsnap yet), here’s what I’d keep and switch out:

The Kamigawa and Ravnica blocks lose a lot of the mana production of the original deck, on account of losing Gaea’s Cradle and Priest of Titania, but forge on we shall. Please keep in mind I have not yet tested this new version, so any comments are welcome. The decklist goes something like this –


16x Forest (9th)
4x Karplusan Forest (9th)
4x Stomping Ground (Guildpact)


4x Blaze (9th)
4x Utopia Sprawl (Dissension)
4x Mark of Sakiko (Betrayers)


4x Birds of Paradise (9th)
4x Llanowar Elves (9th)
4x Might of Oaks (9th)
4x Giant Growth (9th)
4x Orochi Sustainer (Champions)
4x Orochi Leafcaller (Champions)
4x Sakiko, Mother of Summer (Betrayers)

The Karplusan Forest and Stomping Ground lands are to assist in getting not only extra mana, but that scarce red mana you’ll need to cast the Blaze, and the Utopia Sprawl card helps with extra mana as well. So do the Orochi Sustainer and Leafcaller. Those Gaea’s Cradles and Priests of Titania left some BIG shoes to fill.

This reworking also answers one of the drawbacks of the Tempest/Urza blocks deck by giving the creatures some extra oomph with the Giant Growth and Might of Oaks. The Growth and Might also come in handy when you have either a creature enchanted with Mark of Sakiko or Sakiko herself in play. Sakiko is preferable in that with her in play ALL creatures that deal damage add G per damage point to your mana pool, but with 4 Marks out, that’d do just as well.

Any and all suggestions are happily welcome.

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