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Wheeling Dealing Son of a Gun
By Martin Urick
Creature - Wizard [1/1]
Tap: Choose a creature type other than Legend or Wall. Target creature's type becomes that type until end of turn.

Whenever any opponent discards a card, Megrim deals 2 damage to him or her.

Whenever a creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, return that creature to its owner's hand.

Warped Devotion
Whenever a permanent is returned to a player's hand, that player discards a card from his or her hand.

Possessed Portal Artifact
If a player would draw a card, that player skips that draw instead.
At the end of each turn, each player sacrifices a permanent unless he or she discards a card from his or her hand.

2x Myr Servitor
Artifact Creature - Myr [1/1]
At the beginning of your upkeep, if Myr Servitor is in play, each player returns all cards named Myr Servitor from his or her graveyard to play.

Future Sight
Play with the top card of your library revealed. You may play the top card of your library as though it were in your hand.

3UU: Shuffle your library.
X: Look at the top X cards of your library and put them back in any order.

This combo of 3 creature cards, 5 enchantments and 1 artifact will make you the true ruler of any multi-player game, if you can get all the pieces out in the right order before you are taken out... ha ha ha ha ha ha!

You will need to play all 3 creatures, Cowardice, Warped Devotion and Future Sight before dropping the Possessed Portal and last, the Megrim. Soothsaying must be either in play or in your hand before you play Possessed Portal.

Here’s how the whole thing works: (I hope)
1) Possessed Portal stops players from drawing (always a good thing)
2) Myr Servitor is your sac for the portal (be sure you have 2 in play)
3) Imagecrafter allows you to bounce opponents’ creatures back to their hands via Cowardice
4) Warped Devotion makes them discard from the Cowardice
5) Megrim deals them damage
6) Future Sight allows you to see and play the top card of your library
7) Soothsaying rearranges your library for Future Sight.

Lock down the table and bounce your opponents’ creatures, make them discard and take damage via Megrim. Soothsay for any other creatures you may want: flyers, shadow, unblockables, walls or dig for that Corrupt, Consume Spirit, Drain Life or Soul Burn.

Fill the deck out with some counters or Boomerangs to hold off the early onslaught or any pesky combos that crop up. Or add search cards to find the parts you can’t seem to draw. The one thing that really throws a monkey wrench into this are non-targetable creatures and any deck of Killer Joe’s, since he doesn’t believe in creatures, or better yet creature cards. Maybe a creature reset button would work, since you can always cast more creatures.

This is a very fragile combo and it doesn’t really win you the game by itself, because if your opponent(s) are out of creatures to bounce, the Megrim can’t deal any more damage, so I guess there is one more card you need for this to win and that’s the direct damage cards or some creature to do more than 1 damage during combat.

But, dang it, I love this kind of control.

I had part of this combo (the Cowardice, Warped Devotion and the Megrim) in a deck full of creatures that had targeting abilities and a few creature auras that gave targeting abilities. It is one of the slowest decks to get going, but once it got the pieces in place and a few of the creatures there was no stopping it. It actually got stopped a lot, since I could never wait to play the Cowardice or Warped Devotion and that painted a target on my forehead. Nobody wants to have their creatures bounced or discard that fatty you just bounced.

The Imagecrafter is a great early mutli-player card if you use it to help other players and politic your way into more draws and more chances to drop the pieces and get your mojo working. Once, in a 6 player chaos game, I was able to politic my way into getting two other players to “protect” me, when I would “animate” their big walls so they could attack and counter incoming disruption from a red burn deck.

It takes a lot of creativity to stay around long enough to get this combo together and it will test your patience and your “Hey, I’m no threat” conniving. I feel that politicking is one of the greatest allures of chaos games. Watching the ebb and flow of alliances, the backstabbing and blatant vendettas makes the game interesting and thrilling. In our games we don’t allow explicit cabals or deals, you have to do things to convince others that it is in their best interest to do what you want them to.

Although I have only seen one episode of Survivor, it must be fun to watch when a cabal suddenly disintegrates in a surprise betrayal. This is how our games progress, the funny thing is that later those same players may work together again. It’s like a triple threat match in the WWE: two wrestlers will team up on the other only to have one turn on the other in a, not always surprising, attack from behind.

Maybe I’ll name this the Rick Flair deck, since he is famous for breaking pacts and agreements and if things don’t work out right early on, this deck will fall on its face almost as good as the limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', stylin' and profilin' son of a gun, Slick Rick. Just make sure you have your horsemen to protect you early on, before you turn on them and steal the win.

"Fearith me Sir Knight of the Round Table, because here cometh the mooseman."

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