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"Scrubs Corner": Here I am, Top of the world!!!
By Shawn J. Houtsinger (HOUTS)
HELLOO Everyone,

First off, thanks to ED. I appreciate you taking time out to tell me how things work and YELLOWJACKET for being cool.

I thought I would go over one my favorable moments.

If you ever been to JENCON in Wisconsin, you would understand how fun it is. It is located every year in downtown Milwaukee in a very nice convention center.
Good selection I must say. You can see all the MTG people there day and night with their backpacks and uncleansely habits.
Mostly at night time will the Vampire and role playing gamers freaks. All the Animation
you can see till your eyes drop, not mentioning all the booths you could possibly think of.
Yeah, a pretty cool place.
So I was there two years ago. My friends and I entered in the World Championships for 1.5
Never have I played this format. NEVER.
I thought of playing Blood Red. It wasn't a bad deck but still unsure. At the last mintue I went with another deck that I NEVER played with also. NECRO. OLD SCHOOLZ.
Usually if you ask me what to pick for a deck before a big touranemt my answer is this:
DOn't know but make sure it is one you have played alot and are comfortable with, and don't switch at the time of the tournament.
Yeah but I went with it anyhow.
BIG PERMS was deciding not to play
and my friend DAN was going with the broken (at least in my eyes) Humility/Prayer deck.
Luckily my friend DAN was an awesome NECRO player. He made my sb against white and some combo decks. THANK GOD TO HIM.

So, lets go to the action.


I was nervous. I thought: "what is DEMONIC CONSULTATION and why is it good in here again?"
Seriously, I didnt' even know the power of it till later on. Took me a while.
Now I am a little hazy on the specific details so bear with me....

Darn. Was a nice fellow and his girlfriend was cute. From Minnesota. Cool talking to him
So off we go. I get him on the first game since he pulls all land. I just stomp him. I got lucky.
I Drop in SB. Second game. He demolishes me.
I don't even know what happens.
One minute I was playing MTG and the next i was worrying about dropping out FIRST ROUND.
I drop some goodies
and end up Draining him to stay barely alive.
This was the topdecking war.
I was very lucky


White/Red Varient:

I lose first game to pro black shadow guys.
Some bad.
I go to SB for an answer.
Thanks to dan I had a good one.
HE had a an amazing hand.
Drops a MOX. Drops Mox and then Tithes TWICE
and then passes to me. He just drew 4 more land!!!! Damn
I win anyhow by a cool little hippie.
The third was good by out draining him while a serrated arrows kept him at bay.


This guy was mean.

Thank god I beat him...

I will just sum up the main key play.
I am low at life and he is also
I drop the cool little enchantment that doesn't allow life gaining and you start losing life. SOME GOOD
Well he has a serra. I am racing him with my
KNIGHTS from hell. IT is close. He goes down to 1 thinking he can survive another turn.
At his upkeep he trys to swords his serra to gain life.
At first I didnt' really think about it.
LUCKILY a judge was watching. HE goes: OK, but you dont' gain any life.
I go. "OH Yeah, no life for you"
I laugh as I pack up my cards.


I lost to him.
He dropped me with a left.
more Pro black.
Hey what is that?
Uh oh....
Every card in your hand your creature gets bigger.
I hear the rocky theme.

FifTH round:
ALEX Sharstvax
Damm, I know I messing his name up but he is a big time pro tour player and writes articles for DUELIST and gets payed to write about them all over. Lucky him
He is playing the expensive deck from hell. Drop creature in graveyard and then bring it back. Sac some bring back more.
IT was a beatingS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I lost to him. I made a big mistake.
I should of removed his creatures too early. I could of easily beat him. Darn.
He was a cool guy and there were alot of people watching us.

6th ROUND:

Some crappy combo deck, I don't know because I tourached his butt and hippied him to submission. He tapped out really quickly.
OH, that is what Demonic Consultation does.

7th ROUND:

Another White deck..

I know this is basic but I beat him.
Sacing a creature every his upkeep comes about sucks.

The third game was the deciding factor to me getting somewhere. ALOT OF PEOPLE were watching me.

THis was the predictment.

I opened the third game with this hand:

Swamp, Dark Ritual, Dark Ritual,Hypnotic Spector, Dystopia, Dystopia, Hymn to Tourach.

I breathe TEN seconds later. THe ten people behind me are in awe. I didn't blame them. THOUGH it made it easy for my opponent to see what was coming.

So the question was this. If I get mana screwed (only 22 lands), I LOSE.
The Dark Rituals are keeping me alive.
So should I try to drop the Hypnoic and then follow with hymn or dystopia OR
Should I go with First turn Hymn and then Hypnotic or wait with Dystopia.
He had Lightning Bolts, Incinerates, and Swords for me. This was a risk.


I go for it.
Drop First turn Hypnotic.
Some disagree as I hear grunts.
I'll take the risks
He goes and drops a MOX and a Plateau.
uh oh....
He passes the turn.
I breathe again.

I take my turn and draw a SWAMP!!!
I attack and then HYMN him.
Go goes and say something about no creature removal. He drops a creature . I am getting worried.
I draw another HYMN.
I clear his hand and drop My DYstopia with Dark Ritual.
He starts to scoop.

So I wait to see if I make it.
I talk to Alex and his friend from Germany about the Dream Halls deck he helped make.
Even cooler is that Alex asked if i wanted to go and eat with him. I didnt' know at the time who he was and now relish the memory.
We go and get some burger down the street. We talk MTG, of course, for some time. All the players he has played with. Stories. GOOD ONES.........
Playing Brian Kowal.
Good Player also,
I was testy with him since he shuffled my deck for way too long with a judge right there.
I lose to ophidian draw go since I draw no land.
Oh well. I end up FIFTH with almost a box of Foreign goodies and some money.
Not bad.

It was a good day and all and helped my confidence since I have never played that format before.

Well I hope that doesnt bore you too much.
Just another story.
A day in the life of ME


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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