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Why I like Magic
By Mike Pratt
I've been playing Magic for about two or three years now, and an alarming trend has started. MAGIC ISN'T FUN ANYMORE. Now don't take this the wrong way, I still love the game. But, every time I try to talk to someone about a deck that I came up with, they cut me off saying 'you'd never win a tourney with that' or 'I'd beat that deck down on the second turn.' Where has the Magic I knew gone? Remember when you could open up your shoebox full of cards and grab a handful of creatures and lands and just have fun? When multiplayer games lasted hours and combos consisted of putting an unholy strength on a black knight? Not anymore. Now its 'I'm gonna stroke you for 250.' I've only played in a tourney once, right as Urza Saga came out. I didn't last more than a couple of games due to a bad 'combo,' but there was something I didn't like about the kill-or-be-killed idea. It just wasn't Magic. Magic is, at least in my mind, a game of skill and chance, of strategy and fun, not turn two combos that can kill three people (that might be stretching it). It was sad that the people I USED to play with went down that road. They are probably sitting in a dimly lit room right now contemplating whether to have three or four Masticores in a deck to win State. It's just not right. So I took matters into my own hands. Right now I'm working on some house rules, along with a banned list. I'm not even close to done with it, but people have already told me that they're not playing at my house because they don't have a 'legal' deck. It strikes me as sad when a long-time magic player says they cannot build a deck without putting an awesome combo in it. But for now, I'll stop ranting. I just hope the entire Magic community snaps out of this current phase*. Until then, I'll be waiting around with my Thallid deck. Anyone want to play a GAME?

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