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Sick and Tired
By Mike Pratt
Well, it's been a while since I have had the time to sit down and do something fun (two jobs and school are seriously cutting into my magic time). I went to the dojo today, only the second time I have been able to witness the travesty committed against good players everywhere. I was only there for about fifteen minutes, and I never, ever want to hear 'metagame' again! Who cares what percentage of people are playing bargain or donate decks? My idea of metagame is this: if I get beat twice in a row to a new deck or deck type, I change decks. I know you can't do this in tournaments, but who cares about them. I would love to see the day that combo decks are obsolete thanks to people who don't print out their next deck from a website. I don't think that could happen, but I can always hope.

Let me back up real quick. I decided to title the article like I did because of one little card, donate. Man, I hate playing AGAINST that card. And it's not just illusions or thoughtlash. I was donated a teferi's veil today! Man, the nerve of that guy to do that to my beatdown deck. But I do give him credit for doing something fairly original. I would like to see more variety in magic, period. It seems that the people I play with are stuck in grooves. One of my friends has a sliver deck that hasn't changed in a year.

I do believe, though, that the Masques block has moved in the right direction, but there just wasn't enough usable spells in either set, and I hope that changes with prophecy. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to put my counterspell deck back together. You get a feeling of accomplishment when you can force three people to throw it in at once becauce of a counterspell. Unfortunately, you can't sit back down at the table after something like that (hehe).

Well, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Sometimes you have to rant about things, and who knows, you might even get some attention. Almost sounds like the reason this site exists.

Mike Pratt
Proud dojo deck-beater since 1999

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