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Article Name Author Date
Decisions: You Will Draft Three Colors (Invasion) John "Ristik" du Bois October 7, 2000
   "We ARE drafting with Invasion. Like it or not, You Will Draft Three Colors"
"Scrubs Corner": Type 2 in trouble.... Shawn J. Houtsinger September 29, 2000
   ""Look at MBC qualifiers. That is what type 2 is going to look like.""
Decisions (and why my new deck is DrawDrawDrawGo) John du Bois September 29, 2000
   ""To begin: Invasion does not suck""
Return of Fire theBruce September 29, 2000
   ""I have been remiss in my duties, and for that a sincere apology is in order.""
Rare Earths: Casual Invasion Russell Sherman September 29, 2000
   ""I won't be alone.""
Rare Earths: I'm Blue (Abodee, aboda) Russell Sherman September 14, 2000
   "I'm teaching my sister how to play magic..."
Midnight Magic Graeme Taylor September 14, 2000
   "Why i feel red has been weakened by recent editions"
Rare Earths: Rhystic Students Russell Sherman September 14, 2000
   "One of the most unusual mechanics to come out recently is the rhystic abilities."
Code Name 1#: TRADING first part Federico September 6, 2000
   "What I DO remember is my first trade..."
"Scrubs Corner": Sometimes I don't want to play... Shawn J. Houtsinger September 6, 2000
   "Maybe it is a love-hate relationship."
Limited Casualties 2 Alex Makhovykh September 6, 2000
   "There are a few important lessons to learn from this experience..."
Cards and Deck Ideas 5 Alex Makhovykh August 30, 2000
"Scrubs Corner":PTQ Chicago Attempt P2;Indiana Shawn J. Houtsinger August 30, 2000
   "YES!!!!!!!!!!! I make T8."
"Scrubs Corner": PTQ Chicago attempt;Part 1:GENCON Shawn J. Houtsinger August 24, 2000
   "I went out and started my attempt at qualifying for Pro Tour Chicago."
Limited Casualties Alex Makhovykh August 18, 2000
   "...- booster drafts and especially Masquerade Block drafting"
Rare Earths: Dojodeckaphobia Russell Sherman August 18, 2000
Midnight Magic III- The Gone In Sixty Seconds deck Graeme "Dead" Taylor August 14, 2000
   "I decided to try and build a deck based on the most recent film I had seen"
"Scrubs Corner": To each his own.... Shawn J. Houtsinger August 14, 2000
   "Gencon is rolling around this weekend for me."
Rare Earths: The Era of the Overpowered Uncommon Russell Sherman August 9, 2000
   "I think it was windfall that did it for me, ...and made the uncommon the best card type out there."
Rare Earths: A Farewell to Arms Dealer Russell Sherman August 5, 2000
"Scrubs Corner": WE need YOU!!!! T2 Shawn J. Houtsinger August 2, 2000
   "I need YOUR (the casual player's) help"
"Scrub Corner": You don't need rares to win...... Shawn J. Houtsinger July 27, 2000
   "Let me explain."
The Aftermath of the Adkison Interview Tom Bergmann July 22, 2000
   "We have to understand that the world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation."
"Scrubs Corner": What I would say...... Shawn J. Houtsinger July 22, 2000
   "If I could offer one piece of advice to the younger MTG kids, this is what I would say"
"Scrubs Corner": There is more to life than MTG... Shawn J. Houtsinger July 14, 2000
   "Lately, I have been trying to play anything but MTG"
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