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Article Name Author Date
Trix Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso July 25, 2001
   "The combo itself is the most simple in Magic history, just two cards and seven mana, two of it blue."
Tradewind Bounce Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso July 18, 2001
My Side Of The Argument: Manaholics Anonymous David Sutcliffe July 16, 2001
   "Surgeon General`s Warning: Playing Magic may lead to addiction and poverty. Do"
T2 with Apocolypse Michael Groves July 11, 2001
   "Sam, Padders and Iain were rooting for me to win so that they got more cards out of me..."
Rec/Sur Primer (draft?) Oscar Tan aka Rakso July 11, 2001
   "The most important thing to do in the early game is to get out a Survival of the Fittest"
Graveyard Shift: Combo or Card Synergy? Nick "Ura" Saviskoff July 6, 2001
   "But how many of us know or understand what combo is, or rather, when does a deck goes from having a good level of card synergy to being a true blooded combo deck?"
ProsBloom Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso July 4, 2001
Pox Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso June 27, 2001
   "Pox early, Pox often, and Pox hard!"
So you think you can take me? Bring it! Timmy Lane June 22, 2001
   "It was really funny that people were even slightly upset at what I wrote."
Pestilence Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso June 20, 2001
Apocalypse When? David Sutcliffe June 20, 2001
   "The Apocalypse cards that threaten to change the environment are not Spiritmonger or Vindicate, but Pernicious Deed and Gerrard`s Verdict"
Who come here anyhow? Timmy lane June 20, 2001
   "Imagine us 10 years from now playing this game."
Nether Void Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso June 13, 2001
Graveyard Shift: Fires in the Shadows Nick "Ura" Saviskoff June 6, 2001
   "Since there's only about 3 hours worth of work during the entire eight hour shift it gives a lot of time to think and piddle around in boredom."
Necropotence Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso June 6, 2001
   "When Necropotence was originally released in Ice Age in 1994, most people wrote it off as a "trash rare""
Apocalypse PR Tourney report Cory Braiterman May 30, 2001
   "there were about five females in the entire room, not including the random Mom or three checking in on Timmy, Power Gamer"
Mirror Matches Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 30, 2001
   "The mirror matchup is the most overlooked matchup in every meta-game."
Keeper Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 23, 2001
   "A revolutionary concept in its time, players everywhere were either playing a version of The Deck or anti-Deck."
Humility/Prayer Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 16, 2001
   "Humility/Prayer decks are designed to to create a "soft lock" againstall creature decks. Humility strips creatures of their abilities and limits their power to 1, while the Prayer gives you back one l"
T2 Tourney Michael Groves May 9, 2001
Deck Parfait Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 9, 2001
   "Introducing Deck Parfait, a relatively cheap Type I mono-white control deck based on the powerful Land Tax / Scroll Rack combo. It is the result of about a year and a half of playtest and the most rec"
"Bridge" or Creatureless Discard Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 2, 2001
"Budget Deckbuilding in Type I" Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 25, 2001
Cheez Parodeez #1 New and Improved Andrew "Bob" Woehrel April 21, 2001
Zoo Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 18, 2001
   "The Zoo deck is not a new concept. The deck has its roots in the very earliest days of Magic, when the limited card pool only really allowed fast creature or direct damage decks as reliable winners."
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