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Article Name Author Date
My Completely Unoriginal Guildpact Set Review Eric Turgeon January 30, 2006
   "Ugh, it's like there's a party in my mouth and everyone's throwing up"
Mental Note: I'm Going to Hell Eric Turgeon January 24, 2006
   "Fear the beard."
"The (Casual) Deck," Part One David James Bruce January 19, 2006
   "Let me be completely frank in that I, even being a working adult, find nothing casual about spending more than 5.00 USD on any given slip of cardboard, regardless of effect or art."
The Noob Game Eric Turgeon January 19, 2006
   "I played once, thinking that Moxes were just lands that were artifacts and that a Black Lotus was nothing special."
A Casual Division of Unity Eric Turgeon January 17, 2006
   "Maybe he's trying to make me look smart and trying to help me gain favor amongst the greater CPA community."
The Road to Tourneyland: Casual Draft Night at BSG Mark Ortego January 12, 2006
Defining Casual Eric Turgeon January 9, 2006
   "Casual Magic is letting my wife open up my booster packs, because she likes the art and flavor text."
20-Point Fireball: 2005 End of Year Burnout Eric Turgeon December 30, 2005
   "The WotC headquarters should have a giant vault filled with Volcanic Hammers that R&D members can go swimming in."
The Road to Tourneyland: 2005 Year End MML Report Mark Ortego December 28, 2005
   "So he starts to untap all of his land then re-taps them for the "optimum" use."
Stinking It Up a Notch: A Ravnican Christmas Eric Turgeon December 27, 2005
   "Money Rare Alert! Dark Confidant, baby!"
Road to Nowhere: Winning in Good Company Eric Turgeon December 19, 2005
   "...sometimes having quality opponents who are enjoyable to talk to can make the outcome irrelevant."
Mental Note: I Suck at Drafting Eric Turgeon December 12, 2005
   "Dave's directions were good, but they weren't idiot-proof. He clearly didn't know what he was up against."
20-Point Fireball (TM): Very Bad Edition (TM) Eric Turgeon December 5, 2005
   "When I looked up "football field" on Google images, the fourth most popular item was a woman wearing a thong. Someone please explain this to me."
Thanks for the Worms! Eric Turgeon November 28, 2005
   "It makes me think of the inside of someone's stomach"
One of a Kind: Booby Trap Eric Turgeon November 21, 2005
   "A foil rare that lasted until the fifth pick!"
Good Fun, Yeah! - My Guide to Online Etiquette Eric Turgeon November 14, 2005
   "Much like your love life, your game of Magic will eventually come to an end"
20-Point Fireball #3: Wrath of the Dragon God Eric Turgeon November 7, 2005
   "Why hasn't HOUTS complained about any of my articles yet?"
Brain Freeze: First Impressions of Coldsnap Eric Turgeon November 1, 2005
   "I've noticed that people can't just not buy crap; they have to complain about the very existence of crap, as well"
Forcing the Issue on Synergy Eric Turgeon October 24, 2005
   "...what was the problem with Mirrodin block? Equipment."
My Magical Journey Eric Turgeon October 19, 2005
   "Holy abilities, Batman! They do still make good cards."
20-Point Fireball: Ravnica Edition Eric Turgeon October 11, 2005
   "The best counters ever created are called Legos"
The Road to Tourneyland: Two-Headed Giant Mark Ortego October 5, 2005
My Completely Unoriginal Ravnica Set Review Eric Turgeon October 3, 2005
   "You're a pimple on society's *** and you'll never amount to anything"
Nerds of the Conclave Eric Turgeon September 27, 2005
   "Nerds lined the hall leading to the great Mecca of Magic."
For the Ladies... The Hottest Cards in Magic Eric Turgeon September 21, 2005
   "I picked the top five in each, using my highly subjective system of asking myself, "Who's hotter?"."
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