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Articles: Variants
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Article Name Author Date
Abedraft Abe Sargent October 26, 2001
   "Are you looking for something new to spice up your Magic life?"
Casual Play Variant: Marathon Magic Andrew Emmott September 3, 2003
   "I died early and was too impatient to wait for the game to finish, so I asked if I could reenter the game with a new deck."
The Rooser's Chaos Bible Andrew Emmott December 20, 2002
   "there is a massively common misconception that chaos simply means you have three or more players playing in a game"
The Rooser's Bible on Play Variants Andrew Emmott December 19, 2002
Wild Magic: an original multiplaying variant Angelo Nikolaou November 14, 2000
   ""During the Wild Surge, fantastic things can happen."
Playing Ogham Format Dan Freagarthach December 8, 2004
   "we began to long for the times when decks were rainbow colored and it was a race to see whether flying or trample damage would win the day"
Fun format for five Dave "Ferret" McKenzie January 22, 2000
   " idea for a five player multiplayer game."
Storyline Magic v. 1.1 David Bruce August 14, 2000
   "Storyline Magic is an alternative format designed for Magic: the Gathering."
Storyline Magic! (First Step) David Bruce July 19, 2000
   "Storyline MtG operates a little different than what you might be used to."
Everything is Broken! Eric Turgeon April 29, 2014
   "Here's a brilliant idea for a different format: it's called a LEAGUE."
Type III (tournament) deck format Ian Lucas November 5, 2001
   "There are 10 dual deck combinations alone ! The choice of cards is also vast, and again this should encourage variety."
Multiplayer Magic James Strawson November 20, 2000
   "I had a quick look through my album and found a card, that could have been in my deck, that would have rescued me. So, when n"
Peasant Magic Format Jason A. Chapman September 28, 2001
   "a new format was introduced called Peasant Magic designed for those with peasant sized budgets."
Magic Variant : Speed Magic Lucas Berghaus December 6, 2000
   "When you only have five or ten minutes, this is your Magic Variant"
Another simple variant Michael Groves December 7, 2000
   "him and another friend both used the same deck, and played against each other, and thus found a really cool way of playing!"
Onslaught White for Multi-Player Mike Marino September 16, 2002
Graveyard Shift: The World is within Your Grasp Nick "Ura" Saviskoff July 18, 2001
   "The premise is simple...your goal is to rule the world by stomping out the competition."
Casualties of War (a CPA spoiler) Rob Myers May 1, 2000
   "the CPA's initial Apprentice Magic expansion..."
Tribes Robert Pittman May 8, 2002
   "by the time I was done Kavu, Rebel and Angle themes were racing through my mind"
A Cycle of Cards Robert Pittman May 12, 2000
   "cycle of card ideas..."
And that's the way it is... Salam Al Hamdy August 5, 2000
   "How to make playing Magic a fun experience."
Variant: RandoMagic Steve Cutcliffe December 21, 2000
   "In the interest of making casual Magic even more insane..."
Type20 Wey Wang September 2, 2003
   "Decking some one becomes easy and sometimes broken"
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