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Articles: Issues & Rants
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Article Name Author Date
"Scrubs Corner": Casual & Competitive Player (TM) Shawn Houtsinger January 19, 2006
   "You could play for hours and never win a game, but still be complying by all the rules & outcomes, and still be considered more than a Casual Player in that game."
"Scrubs Corner": Rebuttal to Casual Thinking Shawn Houtsinger January 12, 2006
   "There is no fun in a first turn kill with Fireball + Channel."
"Scrubs Corner": This article doesn't have a point Shawn J. Houtsinger November 24, 2003
   "Get your secret sarcasm decoder ready"
A Further Debate Of Defining Casual David James Bruce January 13, 2006
   "No one wants to be on the low end of the totem pole, and thus you have more effort expended to try and move yourself further up the food chain."
A Requiem for the Casual's Skull Oscar Tan (Rakso) September 6, 2000
   "Great changes, questionable solutions"
Activists, Casuals, and a lonely Pro. David Sutcliffe April 24, 2000
   "..what casual players want. Fun. They don`t want to revolutionise the DCI, or reprint the power 9.."
All That Is Shall Be David Zadok Stroud August 9, 2000
An Analysis of the Legacy Banned List Stephen O. Bahl May 4, 2005
   "If you disagree with any part of that, you must be wrong"
Appreciation of Casual Magic David Bruce July 22, 2000
   "Has anyone looked at the PT and Grand Prix info lately? Good crimeny!"
Budget's Herald Jonah Swersey February 19, 2008
   "And who knows, maybe that Tarmogoyf that you're holding in your hands will be worth something someday"
Cards of the Casual Player Kirsin Koch December 29, 2000
   "The casual player is someone that plays 'relaxed'"
Casual trends Charlie Edgemar October 15, 2000
   "It was almost like what ever was new was the thing and then it went away"
Casual Wars Nick "Ura" Saviskoff September 23, 2000
   "What does it mean to be a casual player?"
Common sense has gone too far... V.01 Ranoni Wrae Clarks June 30, 2003
   "Card pricing is a contagion"
Cursed Moxes Kirsin Koch October 31, 1999
   " "fixed" versions of the Moxes."
Decisions: The Tournament-Casual Player John du Bois November 10, 2000
   "I fit fairly well in each category"
Deconstructing Jamie Wakefield Mark Ortego November 14, 2000
   "For God's sake, this man isn't dead!"
Design Space Implications for Magic Theory Dan Freagarthach October 12, 2017
   "leads me to advocate for the official adoption by Wizards of the Coast of a newer eternal format, something like Frontier or potentially Arena..."
Development of a Tournament Player Lucas Berghaus November 28, 2000
   "It's hard though, to teach a player what it takes to be a competitive player"
Direct Damage Majere666 October 29, 1999
   " counterspells versus red direct damage."
Do People Take Magic too Seriously? Bill Patterson May 8, 2002
   "People just need to remember it's a game"
Ever thought about it? Ruroni Wrae Clarks December 9, 2004
   "These kids playing were using cards that I had priced earlier to be ranking in the $10 to $30 range."
For Love of Blog and Allosaur Eric Turgeon April 12, 2014
   "You know a card that's really awesome and totally under-appreciated?"
Founders/dedicated CPA Members, read this !! Albert Sadoine February 29, 2000
   "discussions about the current state and evolution of the CPA as a group"
In Defense of Blue Nick DiPasquale October 20, 2004
   "The funniest rumor I've ever heard in the game of Magic was the rumor that they were going to ban Islands."
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