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Articles: Issues & Rants
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Article Name Author Date
Who Sets the Standards: Roots Nick "Ura" Saviskoff January 31, 2001
   "Recently, I had a chance to go back to my hometown, where I first started playing, and I managed to get together with some of the guys I played with."
Cards of the Casual Player Kirsin Koch December 29, 2000
   "The casual player is someone that plays 'relaxed'"
Who sets the Standards: Making a Difference Nick "Ura" Saviskoff December 24, 2000
   "I'm here to address every magic player, gamer, and person who happens to stumble into this site and pauses to read something"
Development of a Tournament Player Lucas Berghaus November 28, 2000
   "It's hard though, to teach a player what it takes to be a competitive player"
The Wheel of Changes: Beyond the Invisible November 20, 2000
November 16, 2000
   "Stop complaining, look at the cards, play them, and only then do you have the right to judge"
Wheel of changes: Le roi est mort; vive le roi November 15, 2000
   "Magic is a great game. It has been around for quite long now; will it ever last forever?"
Tournament Attitudes Mark "Ransac" Wanich November 15, 2000
   "I have a great attitude about losing..."
Deconstructing Jamie Wakefield Mark Ortego November 14, 2000
   "For God's sake, this man isn't dead!"
Decisions: The Tournament-Casual Player John du Bois November 10, 2000
   "I fit fairly well in each category"
Times of Change Nick Saviskoff November 5, 2000
   "The CPA has drifted from being a magic community to more of club."
Casual trends Charlie Edgemar October 15, 2000
   "It was almost like what ever was new was the thing and then it went away"
My Side of the Argument: Invasion Rules! Aaron "Istanbul" Swersky September 29, 2000
   "Vampire Bats = Pit Imp = Phyrexian Battlefies = good"
My Side Of The Argument: Invasion of the Terrible David "Gizmo" Sutcliffe September 23, 2000
Casual Wars Nick "Ura" Saviskoff September 23, 2000
   "What does it mean to be a casual player?"
There Is No Blue David Zadok Stroud September 23, 2000
A Requiem for the Casual's Skull Oscar Tan (Rakso) September 6, 2000
   "Great changes, questionable solutions"
The Magic is gone Martti Nurmikari August 24, 2000
   "I'm disgusted about Magic: The Gathering in it's current state."
The Orgg's Treatese on: The Death of Meridian Jensen Bohren August 18, 2000
   "I stop by one of the top three Magic: tg websites,"
All That Is Shall Be David Zadok Stroud August 9, 2000
Keeping It Local David Bruce August 5, 2000
   "Is this something entertaining, or is this crap?"
Why I Love Magic Eric Olander July 27, 2000
   "I felt that I just needed to let this out."
Appreciation of Casual Magic David Bruce July 22, 2000
   "Has anyone looked at the PT and Grand Prix info lately? Good crimeny!"
REALLY putting the fun back in Magic Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn (Five Color Fat) July 14, 2000
   "This talk about putting the fun back in Magic isn't getting at the root of why you aren't having fun"
Rainbow Magic: Color Controversy Anden Imamura July 8, 2000
   ""The best remedy is just to drop the subject, and forget what side you are on""
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