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Articles: Decks
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Article Name Author Date
Become a Type II innovator! Aaron "Istanbul" Swersky November 22, 2000
   "...take into account the current environment, adapt, and dominate."
Contest Entry - Carnival of Souls Aaron Duvall June 7, 2000
   "Yeah, that's right and you are about to see it get broken:"
Contest entry - Altar of Dementia Aaron Duvall May 30, 2000
   "discard a Leviathan to make any Volrath's Shapeshifter in play copies of Leviathan"
Contest entry - About face Aaron Duvall May 25, 2000
   "you can use Worthy Cause to get the infinite (again, you have to choose a number) life..."
Pestilence on a Stick Adam Kolleth July 2, 2001
   "This combo is one of my all time favorites. With Apocalypse it gains many new bombs, including Death Grasp, Soul Link, Spectral Lynx, and the mother of all targeted destruction spells, Vindicate."
Naked Singularity Adam Saltz November 14, 2000
   "The first thing I thought was "multiplayer"."
My casual tourney Experience Adam Sherman January 8, 2001
   "Who gets 3 absorbs in 6 turns????"
The Revival of Burn Ademis22 July 30, 2000
   "With all of the new expansions one has to be thinking, what happened to that old fashioned burn deck"
And the winner is ... Albert Sadoine July 19, 2000
   "Friday night Magic tourmanents are a great thing."
Newbie's Nightmare Alex Major August 30, 2000
   "Want to get your kicks by giving newbies nightmares?"
Some More Prophecy Alex Makhovykh July 27, 2000
Casual Tech, Weaseling, and Some Limited Advice Alex Makhovykh January 18, 2001
Top 10 Multiplayer Cards in Invasion Alex Makhovykh December 12, 2000
   ""I'm here with the top 10 multiplayer cards in Invasion.""
Prophecy Top 10 Alex Makhovykh June 7, 2000
Cards and Deck Ideas 2 Alex Makhovykh May 25, 2000
   "I really like one of them: Rathi Assassin."
Devoted Multiplayer.dec Alex Makhovykh March 9, 2001
Contest Entry - Stupitog Almindhra May 9, 2000
Cheezy Corner#1 To break a Wirecat Andrew "Bob" Woehrel January 8, 2001
   "I've been thinking for a while how to break this guy..."
Cheap New Monoblue Deck Andrew Bujorian February 24, 2003
   "I love watching this deck obliterate all control-style decks"
Counter, sweet sweet Counter Andrew Buskell August 24, 2000
   "Before Urza's block rotates out sometime in the fall, we have time to build an awesome counter deck."
Donating the Pit Andrew Emmott January 9, 2003
   "What OTHER ways are there to abuse Donate?"
Blue Counterspell Deck Andrew Hack April 10, 2001
Contest Entry - Donate-Monkey Cage Andrew Kloster May 9, 2000
   "you've all seen Donate - Illusion decks before... THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM"
The CPA's Auction of the People Winners Aric Ingle aka Spiderman October 24, 2001
   "c'mon, everyone loves Serra"
Making it Work (4): Umezawa's Jitte Arjan van Houwelingen February 3, 2005
   "Having a bunch of counters on the equipment sends out a strong signal: send that Sengir Vampire my way and it won't live to tell the tale."
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