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Article Name Author Date
Burn is Back baby Joe Biggers October 15, 2002
   "For all of you with a soft spot for good old fashion mono-R BURN! (with a little something extra...)"
U/W Control viable in November type 2? Jim Voutsas September 26, 2002
   "Now that Onslaught has been revealed, U/W control may once again be tier 1 in type 2 (although, personally, I think we're all a little skeptical.... )"
A green and pinch of white powerdeck. Dick van der Velde September 14, 2002
Wave of Reckogeddon - Casual Deck Article Kenneth Nagle July 8, 2002
   "That's not my idea of wu-tang offensive creatures."
1.x Stompy Primer Matt "TJ" Saxon February 15, 2002
   "Stompy is a deck that's been around for awhile, but dropped-off a little ways back."
What makes a person a Scrub? Richard Koelsch February 11, 2002
Take It! Nick Robillard AKA Mongoose Man December 12, 2001
   "Yeah Traumatize Millstone isn't exactly original but no one is playing it right now"
Hippolitix Leloup Damien November 21, 2001
   "Everyone seems to have forgotten that the best pachyderms available are, in fact, hippos"
The CPA's Auction of the People Winners Aric Ingle aka Spiderman October 24, 2001
   "c'mon, everyone loves Serra"
Different Tournament, Different Deck Ashton Broome August 9, 2001
Invasion Booster Draft Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso August 9, 2001
   "Your first pick in the top 8 booster draft was an Agonizing Demise. Your second pick was a Probe. But after you committed to black-blue, the draft started to go south for you."
Casual Freakshow: Mono-Artifact Redux Dustin Alexander August 8, 2001
   "The deck is effective in that there's no one piece you can knock out to really shut it all down..."
A Patriot Deck geared to post-Masques era Ashton Broome July 11, 2001
   "I'm one of those few players who HATES Rishadan Port so much that I won't play it"
Casual Freakshow - Mono-Artifact That Works Dustin Alexander July 6, 2001
   "It is not tournament-level, because the instant it ever gets that good, someone's going to fling a Pulverize at it and then where will we be?"
Yet another extended combo deck Aviv July 2, 2001
Pestilence on a Stick Adam Kolleth July 2, 2001
   "This combo is one of my all time favorites. With Apocalypse it gains many new bombs, including Death Grasp, Soul Link, Spectral Lynx, and the mother of all targeted destruction spells, Vindicate."
Carpe Noctum David Zadok Stroud May 14, 2001
Frog in a Blender Russell Sherman May 9, 2001
Sligh or Burn? Nick U. (Urza216) April 20, 2001
   "A startling number of people don't know the difference between Burn and Sligh."
Blue Counterspell Deck Andrew Hack April 10, 2001
Working with the Guildmagi Russell Sherman March 14, 2001
Devoted Multiplayer.dec Alex Makhovykh March 9, 2001
Dark Crusade: the Winner Rob Myers February 20, 2001
   "The general feeling I got from the results of this contest is that there is plenty of room for the Casual Player to have lots of fun with this theme."
Casual Tech, Weaseling, and Some Limited Advice Alex Makhovykh January 18, 2001
My casual tourney Experience Adam Sherman January 8, 2001
   "Who gets 3 absorbs in 6 turns????"
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