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Article Name Author Date
Brawl - Instants and Sorceries Are My Tribe Dan Freagarthach April 4, 2018
   "How does a zero nonland permanents (outside the command zone) deck perform within the constraints of this new format?"
First Upkeep Win in Modern Dan Freagarthach January 17, 2018
   "...fastest possible Modern win happen before anyone has had a Draw step, causing the opponent to lose 12 life and then take 8 damage at instant speed."
Innovate Your Casual Holiday Magic Dan Freagarthach November 30, 2017
   "You could bring a control deck to a casual table... may I suggest building one composed entirely of instants and sorceries?"
Bringing Shahrazad to Modern Dan Freagarthach November 13, 2017
   "Shahrazad inspired me to ask a third question in seeking the boundaries of the Modern format"
Modern Deck With No Mana Sources and No Permanents Dan Freagarthach September 28, 2017
   "This deck contains neither permanents nor mana sources of any kind and yet can cast nine different spells..."
Whatsthepoint-Fireball: Huh? Eric Turgeon April 19, 2014
   "It's pretty. It's a sheep."
Type Fun's Stax Stephen O. Bahl August 27, 2009
   "The biggest issue I'll take against a staple card in casual Stax is Mishra's Workshop."
Guild Wars Part 2 or Trimmin the fat off the meat John Fu April 13, 2009
   "People in my group love to back stab"
Guild Wars Part 1 or Is a Simic an ape? John Fu March 11, 2009
   "Savage twister is one reset option that I am afraid of..."
Anatomy of a Tribe: Shapeshifters Jason Kolberg March 4, 2009
   "I got out a Mauler very early which didn't get removed and consequently grew like gangbusters in our Multiplayer extravaganza"
Anatomy of a Tribe: Avatars Jason Kolberg January 9, 2009
(Demi)Gods of Jund-A singleton Casual Deck Jonah Swersey December 9, 2008
   "sadly, nobody informed me about a card named Firespout before the tournament started"
Almost Mono-Green Rick Mosier July 8, 2006
   "When I was majorly into Magic, it was Tempest/Urza/6th Edition block time in Type 2..."
Deck of Permanancy J.D. Schrock June 23, 2006
   ""How in the heck can you ever use that card in a deck?""
Multicolored Fun (Thinking outside the Box) Stuart Urback June 14, 2006
   "Get ready for one crazy ride!!!"
Wheeling Dealing Son of a Gun Martin Urick May 10, 2006
Tribal Tribute: Call of Duty Arjan van Houwelingen March 29, 2006
   "It can really screw up the combat math."
Dune-Brood Nephilim Douwe Terluin March 9, 2006
   "Browsing the net for home-made expansions for Magic, you will come across the most outrageously broken cards, the most gigantic creatures and a lot of multi-multi-multi-colored creatures."
Tribal Tribute: Non-Spirit Arjan van Houwelingen February 16, 2006
Electric Evolution David James Bruce February 16, 2006
Tribal Tribute: Pitching High Arjan van Houwelingen February 8, 2006
   "Spirit of the Night finally is a spirit!"
Tribal Tribute: Wizards Arjan van Houwelingen January 25, 2006
   "It will take players a while before they will realize your deck is Tribal deck."
Tribal Tribute: Zubera Spirited Arjan van Houwelingen January 18, 2006
   "I, however, approach tribal a bit more casual than MTO Online does so I call today's deck a Zubera deck."
Tribal Tribute: Illusions arjan van houwelingen January 10, 2006
   "So it is a 2-mana-upkeep defender that can become a beater during the end game if you have emptied your hand."
Making It Work (8) Cryptic Gateway Douwe Terluin June 25, 2005
   "I am going to compare this artifact to another. You are not going to agree with this comparison..."
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