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Wednesday (July 18. 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ July 18, 2018; 7:07 PM ]
This is my fault, Oversoul sent this a couple of months ago and I've just been sitting on it. Well, it sees the light of day today!

Crafting a Tribal Lowlander Format by Stephen Bahl
"Our first attempt at Tribal Lowlander at the CPA didn’t go so well, which was partially my fault. OK, mostly my fault. Fine, almost entirely all my fault."

Thursday (May 17, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ May 17, 2018; 8:34 PM ]
Oversoul lists his top 200 enchantments:

The Comboist Manifesto: He Always Finishes What He Started by Stephen Bahl
"In 2009 I was going to say that this was the coolest enchantment ever created in Magic. It’s 2018 and I’d still say that."

Tuesday (Aprl. 24, 2018    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ April 24, 2018; 8:13 PM ]
Oversoul "I Hate Hexproof" finishes up his series.

The Comboist Manifesto: I Have No Memory: Part 5 by Stephen Bahl
"The deck’s name was going to be “Is That a Dreadnought in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?”"

Monday (Apr. 16, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ April 16, 2018; 9:12 PM ]
I missed last Friday's update, so here it is:

The Comboist Manifesto: I Have No Memory: Part 4 by Stephen Bahl
"...I was going to select Worldfire, inspired by all of the shenanigans demonstrated with the card by some of the Dan Freagarthach articles..."

Friday (Apr. 6, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ April 6, 2018; 7:35 PM ]
What's this? A third article this week? Madness!

The Comboist Manifesto: I Have No Memory: Part 3 by Stephen Bahl
"I’ve watched people play and it seems like almost half of all Magic players tap their cards counterclockwise like mouth-breathing, idiotic morons."

Wednesday (Apr. 4, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ April 4, 2018; 2:17 PM ]
Man, two articles in a week? This hasn't happened in... forever...

Brawl - Instants and Sorceries Are My Tribe by Dan Freagarthach
"How does a zero nonland permanents (outside the command zone) deck perform within the constraints of this new format?"

Monday (Apr. 2, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ April 2, 2018; 6:29 PM ]
Part 2:

The Comboist Manifesto: I Have No Memory: Part 2 by Stephen Bahl
"I think that if you’re a casual player and you don’t feel any kind of glimmer of inner joy when you see a card with all five colored mana symbols on the same line, you’re probably just dead inside..."

Friday (Mar. 23, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ March 23, 2018; 6:10 PM ]
Oversoul comes roaring back on the front page about favorite cards that he hasn't played:

The Comboist Manifesto: I Have No Memory: Part 1 by Stephen Bahl
"I don’t know how much you’d care to read 101 paragraphs by me about cards I haven’t used, but if you want to, now you can!"

Thursday (Feb. 15, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ February 15, 2018; 8:37 PM ]
Dan has another casual variant:

Revisiting and Revising the Ogham Format by Dan Freagarthach
"Ogham is a format built for the one purpose of having single opponent or multiplayer fun with new or kitchen table casual players. "

Thursday (Jan 25, 2018)    [ update by Spiderman ]
[ January 25, 2018; 8:02 PM ]
Reverting and Indefinitely Locking All Decks to the Start of the Game in Modern by Dan Freagarthach
"All of which has the effect of causing nothing else to occur within the game indefinitely while all decks remain in their complete library state."

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