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     o  Is WotC Doing Enough to Promote Ethical Professional Play?
     o  Who is your Favorite M:TG Fiction Author?
     o  Should Portal Cards be Tourney Legal?
     o  What Power Artifact do you think WotC will Reprint in 7th?
     o  What do you think of 7th Edition as a set?
     o  How often do you play in tourneys?
     o  How Often do you Trade Online?
     o  Do You use Internet Resources for Your Decks?
     o  What is Your Favorite 2-color Combination?
     o  What do You Think about the Trend of Naming Decks after Cereals?
     o  What do you think of the Threshhold and Flashback mechanics in Odyssey?
     o  What do you think of the Torment mechanic Madness?
     o  What do you think of Magic Online?
     o  Whenever a new set comes out, how much card stock do you buy?
     o  How often do you visit the CPA?
     o  Should the CPA put more emphasis on "other" games besides Magic?
     o  Are you going to the Judgment Prerelease?
     o  What do you think of the Judgment expansion?
     o  When did you first start playing Magic?
     o  Do you think the Extended rotation this fall is a good thing for the format?
     o  Now that Magic Online is "Gold", are you still playing?
     o  How do you like voting for 8th ed. cards on Wizards?
     o  Do you think WOTC needs to support Type 1 more?
     o  Assuming Morph is a Mechanic in Onslaught, what do you think of it?
     o  Are you planning to attend the Onslaught Prerelease on Sept 28-29?
     o  What's your favorite multiplayer/casual variant?
     o  What's your favorite multiplayer/casual variant?
     o  Are you happy that the Invasion block is rotating out of Standard in November?
     o  Do you intend to change your buying habits for Onslaught?
     o  How often do you play Magic (in person or online)?
     o  Do you currently play other CCGs right now?
     o  Is M:TG running out of steam?
     o  Which color benefited the best in Onslaught?
     o  Are you looking forwar to the new Slivers in Legion?
     o  Are you planning on going to the Legion Prerelease?
     o  So what do you think of the new card design for 8th and onwards?
     o  What do you think of Legions being all creatures?
     o  What do you think of double strike in Legions?
     o  Do you agree with the changes in the Type 1 Banned/Restricted List?
     o  If you don't currently play Magic, why not (choose the best one)?
     o  Do you plan to buy any 8th edition just for the new look?
     o  Did you play the MTG game by Microprose back in mid-1990?
     o  Are you going to the Scourge Prerelease?
     o  What's the best Scourge mechanic?
     o  Which of these cards with storm do you think is going to be broken in Type 1?
     o  What do you think of Stifle?
     o  What do you think of the cards in 8th edition?
     o  What is your favorite creature type?

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