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Contest entry - Altar of Dementia
By Aaron Duvall
Here is the deck list

4x Altar of Dementia
4x Unstable Shapeshifter
4x Volrath's Shapeshifter
4x Leviathan
4x Quicksilver Amulet
4x Lifeline
4x Exume
4x Reigns of Power
4x Grim Monolith
4x Totured Existance
10x Island
10x Swamp

It's quite simple to play this deck, but you have to be careful as to how you sacrifice creatures to the Altar of Dementia. But in essence, you use the ability of the Volrath's Shapeshifter to discard a Leviathan to make any Volrath's Shapeshifter in play copies of Leviathan. Then by sacrificing the Volrath's Shapeshifter to the Altar of Dementia, "milling" your opponent for ten cards. Then you can Exume the Leviathan to change the Unstable Shapeshifters to copies of Leviathan now if you have two Unstable Shapeshifters in play, and the Leviathan comes into play from Exhume, then you sacrifice the Leviathan, the two Unstable shapeshifters (which will be 10/10 Leviathans from their ability) to the Altar of Dementia and "mill" your opponant for thirty more cards. Now lets say you have the Lifeline out and all those creaatures come back into play. You would return the Volrath's Shapeshfter first, then the Unstable Shapeshifter, then the Leviathan. Why the Leviathan last? So that the Unstable Shapeshifter is a copy of it. Beginning of the next turn should be something like this.
Sacrifice the Leviathan first "milling" for ten more cards. Volrath's Shapeshifter is a copy of Leviathan. Sac the Volrath's Shapeshifters for ten more cards. And last but not least sac the two Unstable Shapeshifters for twenty more cards. You just milled your opponant for a total of eighty cards in two turns. BADDA-BING! BADDA-BANG!

And lets say your opponent is beating you down with a swarm. There is that Reigns of Power to steal his swarm and sacrifice all his creatures to your Altar of Dementia. Now you really pissed him off. HEHEEH!!
I have had lots of fun with this deck. Especialy in Multi-Player Games.

So Have Fun and Enjoy!!

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