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Do People Take Magic too Seriously?
By Bill Patterson
The question is in my book do people take Magic too seriously?

When I play at local Magic tournaments, and at tournaments down at Butler or Pittsburgh, I see people all the time taking the game too serious. I see people all the time trying to take the east way out of a game or they make a mistake {they always go crazy}. I'm like just thinking in my head if you take the game that serious you need to get a life.

Here is a couple of examples. Down in the Burgh, at the old Convention Center, I was watching Andrew Johnson play some guy. Don't get me wrong or anything - Andrew Johnson is a good player and all but he is one of those people that needs to get a life. The guy had something written on his Urza's Rage and since Andrew Johnson lost his first game he called the judge over and said his deck looks suspicious. Nobody else had a problem with it all day, then he calls the judge over. So the guy gets a automatic loss for that game, that is a bunch of crap and he lost the next game.

Down in the Burgh again for a Pre-Release {I forget which one because my memory sucks}, I'm in the Top 8 in one of the 32 tournaments. I'm playing this guy and I am beating him down like a kid. He wanted to just to take a draw and I didn't want to. My friends wanted to go but I said after 2 more rounds because I'll probaly get a prize or something. So the guy heard that and he was going crazy, just making a idiot out of his self. He's just saying why don't you just give me the win if you're leaving. He's swearing and the whole 9 yards. Since he was complaining so much we had to draw because of time.

Then you got people from CMU. A group of really good Magic players. I like Patnik and Ron though. I'll give you a good Magic tip don't trade with Nate Heiss. He is always bragging how he rips little kids off and stuff like that. And I'm thinking you're actually proud of that. If I see a kid that needs something off me and the cards he needs suck I usually give him something good.

Now if it's casual play, I usually let them take mistakes back, so they can learn from that. People just need to remember it's a game not Church or something like that.

Your good but your no Bill Patterson.

From Tap Dancing Joe.


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