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Wheel of changes: Le roi est mort; vive le roi
By K.Salam "DÛke" AL.H
It’s not eternal, and it is breakable. All glory must fall: be it now, later, but not never.
Magic is a great game. It has been around for quite long now; will it ever last forever?
Whatever happens, the Magic player’s bond will live forever: until the end and together.

It’s been quite sometimes now. People of all ages tried it; most liked, and that is the reason for it’s long survival. Magic has inhabited many people’s lives; it has become a natural sport for some people while a drug of addiction for others.

We lived through its good and bad times. We played, complained and said many things. We assumed it’s end, but that day has yet to come. So when will it end? How is it going to affect its fanatics? Well, it depends on who you are.

When the day comes, whenever it is, many great Magic players will quit for sure. No new sets mean: no more tourneys, and not much competitive plays, not for money anyway. All those players that strive at the site of the “new” Masticore will probably be gone; hey, there will be no new Masticores coming their way any longer, so it’s time to get out that door now and leave the rest behind. This will hurt the Magic community, be it your one of the "competitive" or “the other kind” of player. Tourneys will shut down, meaning fewer people to play with, unless you have many friends that are willing to stick around and play anyway. With this decrease of playing comes the decrease of Magic’s popularity. Eventually, Magic would become just “another” game. Keep in mind; this will happen over the period of 3 to 5 years after Magic’s exodus, not instantly. Fewer people to play with equal fewer games, equals less popularity, which equals forgetting of the most part of the game; the “Living Death”; anyone?

All this being said, there will be the “other type” of players out there. This “species” is more likely to survive, because it’s will and spirit is stronger: “Survival of the Fittest” anyone? I know this may seem weird to some of the “Living Deaths”, but the “Survival of the Fittests” are more likely to enjoy this game more eternally than those who are “foreign” to this “fittest”. The “Survival of the Fittests” are the players who have always considered fun in most of the decks they build. They add that extra “erratic” feeling into the game while still maintaining balance in power (and toughness). Those players are called something like the “casual” players.

When the game ends, many will step down, and not out. The game will be hurt by the lack of new cards, and eventually, it ill hurt from the lack of new players. What it has established till the day of the departure, is what it will have, or less, but not more, until the end.

It will die out, to many sad, sad souls. It will live, to many, many open hearts; and perhaps even become more interesting some, some of the others. One thing is known sure though, that the “Survival of the Fittests” will live on, playing with the decks they’ve always played, not minding the absence of the new “Masticore”, and have fun, all over again, for one more endless time. They will not sell their Magic cards, not all of them for the most part; while the “Living Deaths” will sell every card they have for the cheapest price, like it was just pieces of cardboard or something (well, yeah, I know; it is actually just pieces of cardboard, but hey, some of those say “Unmask” or “Island” at the top left corner, so that makes them special cardboard, or am I alone on this one?).

It will die in the minds of the “Living Deaths”, but it will live in the spirit of the “Survival of the Fittests”. Does that make sense? You know, the “Living Deaths” and the “Survival of the Fittests”? I hope so, because that’s what “they” are, and that’s what “most” of us is…

“Déjà Vu”

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