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The Orgg's Treatese on: The Death of Meridian
By Jensen Bohren
On the eve of the day I propel myself back into the meatgrinder that is Roswell High school, I stop by one of the top three Magic: tg websites,

What do I find in it's steed? a glorified links page, a hull of what former greatness this website was. How is this really relevant? Meridian Magic was an excellent site that did what the dojo originally did in the day of frank kusumoto(I apologise for the spelling). A site that wades through the cesspool of random posts that have some value and display the most useful ones, the most interesting ones, or the flat out Best ones to the general waiting public such as myself that don't have the time to scour five, no... six.. seven?--No, I think it's more than that sites that all have quality content, yet not all purely pleasureful to read. Throughout the schoolyear, I don't have the time to check the top eight magic sites on the web. I might go to mtgnews for the latest breaking story, the CPA for my casual fix, and then Meridian to see the most entertaining humour and newstories that the net offers.

What will we do now that Meridian Magic has gone tward the way of the doj.. errr... dodo? Will I now have to go to six sites to find the 'best of the web'? My two-hours a week will not be enough time to read Every Single Bloody Artical that all nine Magic: the gathering sites throw onto their pages at a speed of four articals per dies? Even the CPA puts up an avarage of five pages per week on their main page, and that's not even a tenth of the forum content! How am I going to explore the sites and read the worthy content in only two hours?

If anything happens with Meridian, I hope it's that it becomes a massivly morned site, and as the dojo did several months ago, be reborn from the rusty shell of a site it has become...

If the phoenix will not be reborn, I have but one thing to say:

Thank You, Cathy Nicoloff, for your year of service to this community of players. Get well soon-- and once again, Thank You.

You will be missed.

Sic semper,

CPA Member

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