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And the winner is ...
By Albert Sadoine
I am not much of a writer but I have a little story to tell about a friday Night Magic local tournament. Dont worry it isnt going to be a tournament report a la d**o even though I proudly present on of the winner deck - mine -

First of all let me reassure you that I am a very very casual player. I get to play only once a week for a couple of hours, and sometimes only once or twice a month.
However I think that the Friday night Magic tourmanents are a great thing. They are really the fun tournaments for casual players. The stakes are not that high and you can play your decks with a fair amount of success in a good atmosphere.

What might be a deterrent is if FNM is regularily booster draft or sealed deck. The players in my town (including me) have been
lobbying to get a constructed FNM.

And we got it. We expected T2 or MBC but were secretely dreaming of extended...
And the format would be .... 1.5

YOO HOO. At last we would get to play with almost ALL the cards that we own...
Take the dust off those boxes buddy. Now the big question was.. what in H**l should I play?

After agonising over the difficult decision of playing White weenie, straight red burn, necropotence based black rush or a sacred mesa - earthcraft combo deck of my invention, i decided to go for the white weenie.

There are many reasons for that. But I think what drove me the most was the "color war" that we had here on the CPA. Well I am one of the few whose first love in Magic was white. In rpgs always a good ranger or lawful paladin, always ready to defend the good agaisnt the evil, I eagerly created armies of knights ready to roll over the foul evils.

1.5 format would give me the chance to go back to my first feelings in Magic. When I started, loving white I had managed to get some of the basic cards necessary for a good deck, so making a deck now wouldnt be too difficult. It is actually VERY easy to get good white cards as most of the people DO NOT like white.

I also had read an article somewhere saying that if you want to win at magic you need to know your deck but also the TYPE of deck you feel confident with.

Straight white seemed to be not powerfull enough to make it in a 1.5 field, but it is what I felt the most confident with and more than that, I WANTED to play it, because of the nostalgia.

Here is the deck I ended up playing :
2 savannah lions
2 tundra wolves
2 mother of runes
2 longbow archer
2 white knights
2 soltari monk
2 soltari priest
2 steadfast guards
2 soltari champion
2 En Vec Paladin
2 serra angel
=====total 23
1 story circle
1 reverant mantra
3 crusade
1 glorious anthem
2 disenchant
2 seal of cleansing
3 sword to plowshare
1 empyrial armor
1 parallax wave
1 armaggedon
1 land tax
=====total 18
4 remote farms
1 Kor haven
15 plains
=====totalt 61 cards

1 wrath of god
1 sacred ground
1 light of day
1 Karma
1 justice
1 warmth
1 armaggedon
3 defense grid
2 null rod
1 worship
1 ivory mask
1 parallax wave

Some comments on the deck : Although there are many rares in this deck, there is usually only one or two (max 3) of each.
This deck is really easy to assemble. Most of us must have those cards lying aroung without realising it.
However the cards that might be harder to get : crusade and sword to plowshare are absolutly vital for the game.
One of the reason I love that deck is because it is a rush deck but you have a tremendous amount of control at the same time.
disenchant/seal let you control the enchantments and artefacts
armaggedon the lands
sword/wratch/ parallax wave the creatures.

The kill cards are empyrial armor on a shadow creature, REVERANT MANTRA a great unexpected finisher,
crusades and the shadow creatures.

On the tournament itself.

The amount of participant was tremendous.
30 people showed up. Many Many older players who could play THEIR magic even though they didnt have the latest expansions ...
The shop owner was amazed and not prepared for such a crowd, esp. mid of july (holiday) and the date Xmen movie was released.
Without the Xmen release we would have had about 40 people.
Purely amazing.

---- side rant
So shop owner ... have a couple of constructed tournaments, you might be amazed ... hint hint
---- end of rant

Furthermore the atmosphere was extremely good. Maybe because there was so many "older players".

As for the matches : The people were separated in 3 brackets.
The winner of the two first brackets would get a foil shock, of the third a gift certificate. Plus a blind draw for the last shock.
So three wins were neede to go home with a price.
I played the following:
straight red burn.
He got me down to 7 the first game but could not finish me off. My pro red shadow went all the way.
game two : a third turn warmth more or less decided the game.
Pros Bloom
first turn remote farm. Second turn tundra wolves, savannah lion mother of runes. Third turn Crusade + shadow creatures.
That was too quick for him. Second match I managed to disenchant his bloom while he was trying to go off and he did not manage to recover quickly enough.
Green Rush
I managed to pull the first game by attacking all out thankds to reverant mantra. wihtout it I would have lost the next turn.
Second match I lost to a double rancored mtenda lion that also got giant growthed along the way.
Thir match was slower and our longest. I managed to get control with a well placed sword, put a wave on the table and went for the win.

The foil shock was mine.

Well that was honestly the least important for me even though the "feel good" factor was there.

I played a deck with the cards I used when I started 4 years ago and got the same feeling as then !
I liked an knew my deck inside out
I had a tremendous amount of fun that night and from what I have seen most of the other players did.

A great experience.

Go FNM,. GO and dont hesitate playing the "old formats"

Albert Sadoine

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