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Contest entry - Repercussion
By Tom Bergmann
I don't know if it's too late for a contest entry [It's not, I haven't, the entries keep on coming.], but this is something I've been messing around with on Apprentice:


4 Repercussion

4 Ęther Flash

4 Caltrops

3 Earthquake

4 Shock

2 Chimeric Staff

4 Seal of Fire

2 Steam Blast

4 Pestilence

4 Dark Ritual

2 Fire Diamond

2 Charcoal Diamond

4 Ghitu Encampment

4 Spawning Pool

8 Mountain

5 Swamp

SB: 2 Meltdown
SB: 3 Flashfires
SB: 3 Boil
SB: 3 Persecute
SB: 4 Perish

The way it works is fairly self-explanatory. Just use the direct damage and Caltrops to hold off early creature threats, then once the Repercussion is in play use the Earthquakes, Steam Blasts, and Pestilence to finish your opponent off. If you're facing a creatureless deck just aim the Shocks and Seals at your opponent, and make sure they're lower on life than you are when you 'Quake, or make 'em sick. The Staffs and man-lands are in there to help out with defense early on, in case you don't have the Repercussion out yet, and as another path to victory.

It probably won't win any tourneys, but it is a fun deck to play. Let me know what you think.

Tom Bergmann
TomB on the CPA BB
CPA Member

"I do not teach. I simply reveal."
-Daudi, Femeref tutor

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