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Tribal Tribute: Pitching High
By Arjan van Houwelingen
Welcome to another spirit themed tribal deck discussion! I skipped a week, but I return with a deck that uses quite some fragile creatures without being too horrible.

1. A long, loud, high-pitched cry, as of grief or pain.
2. A long, loud, high-pitched sound.
3. A loud, bitter protest.

Contrary to the previous Red/Blue spirit deck, this spirit deck does have some instant tricks up its sleeve. I finally owned a playset of Horobi and it is about time to get some use out of it.

Pitch Black
10 Swamp
10 Forest
4 Golgari Rotfarm

4 Darkblast
3 Wear Away
3 Steely Resolve
2 Multaniís Presence

4 Skulking Ghost
4 Thief of Hope
4 Kami of Empty Graves
4 Keening Banshee
4 Horobi, Deathís Wail
4 Forked-Branch Garami

The most important creature of the deck is of course Horobi and its wail of pain. This card stops the use of all equipment cards and much more. It also turns some of the cards in this deck into killing tools. Due to Horobi, Darkblast and Keening Banshee not only destroy small weenies, but can also take out the big guys in play.

Now, Horobi creates a symmetrical effect and your opponents could also start some target practicing. To prevent a backfire and seeing your team getting gunned down I added Steely Resolve. This nice tribal enhancer makes all your spirits untargetable (unless you choose Goblins). This protects Kami of Empty Graves from being killed by a mere Zap and lets your Skulking Ghost fly a bit longer.

Yes, Skulking Ghost is now a spirit. Thanks to the release of Mirage at MTG Online, a lot of creatures have gotten creature type errata. Suddenly Mirage boosts the ranks of Golems, Humans and and Spirits (Spirit of the Night finally is a spirit!). It might be confusing for the cardboard players, but I like it. This change will give tribal deck builders only more creatures to choose from. Just because of this I hope that Wizards will also release the other subsequent sets online.

Feel free to pitch some cards from your library into you graveyard by dredging Darkblast. It will give you something to Soulshift back. Thief of Hope can return Skulking Ghost and Kami of Empty Graves can return both of them. Iím a big fan of Forked-Branch Garami, so I added four of them too. You get a nice body and when it dies you get two creatures back. Now that is some nice late game card advantage.

You might wonder why Multaniís Presence is present in this deck. Do I face a multiplayer meta-game full of blue mages denying any spell from resolving? Hardly. With Horobi in play, when you cast Darkblast, the targeted creature will already be destroyed before the Darkblast resolves and it will be countered upon resolution because of having no target. Multaniís Presence also triggers in this case and you may draw a card.

Or dredge your Darkblast just playedÖ And do it all over again and again and again.

Other cards
To take care of annoying artifacts and enchantments, I added Wear Away. Thief of Hope triggers from it, but the double green mana requirement may be too much. You could replace them with Naturalize (and change one or two Forest into Swamps). Putrify is a very good card, but I would prefer some enchantment removal.

The mana curve is a bit concentrated at four mana. At first I used Ghostlit Nourisher instead of Kami of Empty Graves. The targeting effect is nice, but I decided it doesnít run well enough with Skulking Ghost, Horobi and Steely Resolve. Another spirit that might be interesting is Plagued Rusalka. This one looks like one of the more potent Rusalkaís and together with Keening Banshee and Darkblast you can really mess up combat math.

Instead of Steely Resolve you could also use Privileged Position. That requires a lot more green (or whiteÖ) mana however.

Like tribal? Pitch in!
This is my first approach to Horobi. Did you ever played a Horobi deck? A tribal one perhaps? Did you ever played Steely Resolve in a tribal deck? How much copies did you add, four or less?

Thank you and as always your response is appreciated!

Arjan van Houwelingen (Jorael)

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