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Article Name Author Date
Kicker? You Kicker! Kick Something! Robert Hilliard April 24, 2003
My Top 10 Enchant World Cards! Robert Hilliard April 23, 2003
   "To start things off here's a kicker, the TakkleMaggot poop of Enchant Worlds"
1.5 Fever is spreading!!!... Robert Hilliard April 22, 2003
Experimenting with Multi-Player Bob Pittman April 21, 2003
   "This decklist is quite a bit different that the original version and he may want to slap me around for messing with his/their design"
Tourney Report: $5,000 Qualifier Robert Hilliard April 14, 2003
   "Hard-casting 2 Shivan Phoenix and a Champion is not what my deck is supposed to do."
Enchant Worlds in Casual Play Robert Hilliard April 10, 2003
March Madness Tourney Report Robert Hilliard April 8, 2003
Ahh the Joys of Ebay Jeremaih Johnson March 24, 2003
   "If you see a rare for a penny, ask yourself how they can afford to do that"
What color are you? Jeremiah Johnson March 5, 2003
What to do with your spare commons Jeremaih Johnson February 28, 2003
   "You can NEVER have too much Mana"
The Road to Tourneyland: I ain't been around lately Mark Ortego February 4, 2003
Dreamborn Muse & Decking Andrew Emmott January 29, 2003
Polishing Yourself Clean Without Having to Scrub 1 Andrew Emmott January 23, 2003
   "This is the CPA after all, not"
Magic For Beginners James Voutsas January 13, 2003
   "Historically, the archetypes have had a rock, paper, scissor effect, with Control beating Combo, Combo beating Aggressive, and Aggressive beating Control. However, this hasn't always been the case, su"
"Scrubs Corner": Viewpoints-What is the right play Shawn J. Houtsinger December 11, 2002
   "I feel there are questions by players who want to become better and don't know what they should be thinking when they cast a certain creature, or try to bluff their opponent"
Mr. T Versus Magic: The Gathering CPA Archive Jensen Bohren December 9, 2002
"Scrubs Corner": And the world turns... Shawn J. Houtsinger November 15, 2002
   "I wanted, right off from the start, talk about one of most 'casual players' I know."
The Tribal Lobby Robert Pittman October 24, 2002
   "I have to wonder if this whole set was released with the Tribes format in mind."
"Scrubs Corner": Take off every Zig! Shawn J. Houtsinger October 7, 2002
   "Bad, but true, statement #1: I am tired of MTG elitists. Bad, but true, statement #2: Every Magic player should be helpful to other Magic players."
"Scrubs Corner":All Your Base Are Belong To Us Shawn J. Houtsinger September 27, 2002
   "Scott was playing, "Where's Waldo" and Ryan couldn't find Glory in his deck. So, this game was a match-up of who could send the biggest fattie."
Onslaught Green for Multi-Player Mike Marino September 26, 2002
   "Ahh, good old Green. The color of cute furry squirrels, overcosted monsters, pointy-eared forest people, and Timmy...I've still got nothing against an army of 7/7 tramplers."
"Scrubs Corner": Etiquette in Competition Shawn J. Houtsinger September 17, 2002
   "We both agreed that it is always more fun to play at the lower tables because you can relax, and just flipping cards around is good times. The people seem more civil."
Magic: The Existence Robert Hilliard August 21, 2002
   "There are 2 types of players in the Magic community: Casual and Meta."
"Scrubs Corner": Cheating and Etiquette Shawn J. Houtsinger August 19, 2002
   "Let me give you an example of what they might have thought was cheating. Since this word can be used so vaguely, I want to really stress what makes a cheater and what cheating IS."
"Scrubs Corner": OBC--Worst format ever! Shawn J. Houtsinger August 12, 2002
   "If you don't play Black Control, U/G, or G/W you can just throw your money into the fire now."
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