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Articles: Issues & Rants
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Article Name Author Date
In Retrospect David Bruce July 5, 2000
   ""Casual play is what will keep this game alive, not the pro-tour""
The Magic in Magic Nick Saviskoff May 15, 2000
   "I don't really have an answer to this either so I'll leave it up for discussion..."
The Road to greatness is made of gold and potholes Nick Saviskoff April 24, 2000
   " much discussion and complaining. This is something that I don't want to see happen to the CPA.."
Activists, Casuals, and a lonely Pro. David Sutcliffe April 24, 2000
   "..what casual players want. Fun. They don`t want to revolutionise the DCI, or reprint the power 9.."
Sick and Tired Mike Pratt March 28, 2000
   "I went to the dojo today, only the second time I have been able to witness the travesty committed ag"
Why I like Magic Mike Pratt March 3, 2000
   "I've been playing Magic for about two or three years now, and an alarming trend has started..."
Founders/dedicated CPA Members, read this !! Albert Sadoine February 29, 2000
   "discussions about the current state and evolution of the CPA as a group"
That "Dirty Combo Feel" and the Power 9 Kirsin Koch February 21, 2000
Millitant Themedecking Jensen Bohren January 18, 2000
   "I thought you said this was a theme deck!"
Cursed Moxes Kirsin Koch October 31, 1999
   " "fixed" versions of the Moxes."
The 10 Commandments Waubers October 29, 1999
   "I have gotten burned more times than I care to disclose...Through all those bad trades and poor purchases I finally saw what I was doing wrong..."
The Collector and the Casual Player Luis Lopez October 29, 1999
   "I wish to introduce another minority voice..."
Direct Damage Majere666 October 29, 1999
   " counterspells versus red direct damage."
To Every Casual Player Out There Kirsin Koch October 12, 1999
   "...Waylay was a smash at Origins 1999..."
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